By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Republican, conservative money targets recall vote

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So, whose money financed the recall movement itself?

Bill B

What is your definition of "pouring money"?


Apparently, they set the bar way low.

Don Dix

Wasn't Rep. Cortez in Newberg last summer to offer the situation 'encouragement'? It wouldn't be a surprise if that included 'a little monetary reach around'. Maybe closer inspection of both camp's contributions would reveal who actually threw money in certain directions.


So, where are the Newberg recall results. Today's NR claims they would be reported ASAP after 8 PM on this website! So....again, where are they. It is now 8:35 PM!


They need to search all the closets and car trunks for any left-behind ballots. You know the drill.

Erin C.

Rotwang- You can easily see that by looking the recall PAC up on the Secretary of State's website. It's a lot of smaller dollar donations from Yamhill residents.