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Rally outside Sheridan prison attracts huge crowd

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The first nine paragraphs of this article are a perfect example of why people don't trust news outlets anymore. It's no longer about objectively reporting the facts of what happened. It's about using emotion to push an this case turning what was probably an isolated incident or two of some drunken redneck hollerin' out his truck window, and turning it in to a big emotional sob story obviously meant to persuade readers to a point of view.
What ever happened to just reporting the facts and doing it in such an objective way that the reader can never tell the personal political position of the reporter? I'm afraid those days are long gone. I don't think all reporters do this on purpose. But whether it's deliberate or not, it's what they do...and it happens on both sides of the political spectrum. Sad.


oh, and in regards to all these protesters out there? I have great respect for them. It's great to see people exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest and make their voices and opinions heard.

Bill B

This is not balanced reporting.


Just like all the newspapers and TV stations in the country by stirring the pot and keeping people on edge. No positives just the negatives of all reported. It sells papers and advertising.


I don't easily see how starting this story with a 12-year-old giving out ice water and Kool-Aid to the protesters shows bias. It provides a feature treatment on 5-day-old event. Apparently the facts of this story is based on direct observations and interviews by the reporter. The essence of journalism. Seems to me that "rednecks" picking on a pre-teen at the equivalent of a lemonade stand at an otherwise peaceful demonstration is newsy enough. The pro-Trumpers who yelled at her should have just driven on by if they didn't want to stir things up enough to be in the paper.


Just like the non bias in the letters to the editor section of today’s NewsRegister. There were four letters for the liberals and one for the conservatives. All on the same subject of this article. Seems pretty fair to me.


That's ridiculous, Jim.
We publish all of the local letters we get. We got five on this subject this week and published all five.
Would you rather that we made some letters up, or deliberately withheld some arbitrarily? You are advocating that we put our thumb on the scale to produce some sort of artificial and thus potentially misleading balance?
It's public forum. We don't play games with it. If you send us a letter, we run it.
Steve Bagwell, Editorial Page Editor


Bagwell you better read everything you had in your view points. It’s all biased towards beating up the President. The article about the celebrations in the county ends with don’t yell at the little girl serving ice water after starting out the piece nicely. Over the years with my fight with the school district you personally and the Newspaper were totally biased on the District’s side. I can think of two letters that I wrote that were never published. If you want people to believe what you or any other news source has to say you need to present all sides of a topic. There is always two sides to a story that is controversial.

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