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Political blinders keep county from finding its way forward

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So far this year, these commissioners have ended County economic development, made it so roads have to be approved by them (which is guaranteed to be based on personal and political relationships rather than objective criteria), exempted themselves from the county’s anti-bullying/anti-discrimination policy, and ending the pursuit of another trail while offering no other improvements to any other public park or space.

And it’s only 2 months into the year. I wonder what else we can look forward to.


They have no forward view of the future of people who will live in Yamhill County, urban citizens. Bike trails are part of any community that is developing, outdoor recreation that is along a river would be well used, would bring people into towns like Dundee to find refreshment, wineries, and other cool things to bike to. Their terror of anything bike is laughable. We've utilized bike trails all over the country, and it brings life to small towns, not crime, not encampments, but commerce. That they are afraid of 14 miles between Newberg and Dundee for future citizens to enjoy is just showing their lack of community engagement, assumptions about people that ride bikes, and that they've never ridden a bike as an adult. They are missing the boat for everyone.

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