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Planning commissioners brainstorm on year ahead

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Can I respectfully request one more item for the agenda? Please discuss traffic congestion.
Do we really want to be a town where traffic is backed up as far as the eye can see and where you wait at intersections for multiple cycles of the light? We already are. Let's not add more houses and apartments unless you can add more roads to support the traffic.
Does traffic ever get discussed at these meetings?? Or are the people on the planning commission transplants from other communities where horrible traffic is just considered the norm?


What say ye Heather Richards? Do you ever talk about traffic congestion at your meetings??


I started getting interested in all this stuff right about the same time I cut and run from McMinnville and moved to Newberg after a near mauling by pit bulls from one of the many dilapidated vagrant RVs they have in McMinnville. I am really sad that Yamhill County got hijacked by the leftist pro overpopulation crowd. It’ll look like Beaverton Hillsboro in no time. No farm land and wall to wall subdivisions just like where all these Californians came from. So so so sad. The fulfillment of Tom McCall’s prophesy of Cakifornication!



Bill B

The timing of the traffic lights for east/west traffic on Second, 19th and Baker creek are ridiculously short! No wonder traffic backs up.


I think "brainstorm" might be the wrong word in this context.
And Bill B is absolutely correct--who designed the length of signal lights, particularly on Second Street, and the right lane "turnoff" with room for approximately two Mini Coopers? This is insane. And you commissioners want to cram more people into this bumper-to-bumper space that already feels like Whoville? I can accept gridlock--grudgingly--when there are compensatory features a city offers to sweeten nightmarish commutes--a great museum, an Ethiopian restaurant, a theater specifically for foreign films--but in the case of McMinnville, there are none--count 'em--none. Honk!

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