By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Planner: Development shouldn’t disrupt traffic

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After reading this article I fail to see how this headline was derived. Because that's not at all what anyone, including the planner is saying.

They're talking about how the development could impact traffic and that past a certain threshold, this would trigger required changes to the transportation infrastructure. How that's addressed seems to be the open question.

I'm 100% in support of making developers pay the cost of infrastructure improvements for their projects. Tax payers should not be paying for the impacts of a new mini-mall or housing development inundating an area with traffic volumes that weren't previously intended. If the developer can't afford it, then let them start a Go Fund Me campaign.


Laugh without ceasing.


And it's funnier when the development is supposed to cut local greenhouse gas emissions- at least according to the plan. More cars but less emissions. I wonder how that works?

David S. Wall

I was in attendance at the aforementioned Parkway Committee meeting.

Mr. Nys thoroughly and analytically eviscerated the Planning Director's position concerning the 'traffic impact' of the Three Mile Lane Area Plan (TMLAP).

The Planning Director stressed the 'TMLAP ' would address 'Equity' issues relating to those persons who could not afford to travel to 'Big-box stores'.

The Planning Director stated, “There’s a lot of residential development in this area, and no grocery stores, places to buy food.”

It is obvious the 'Director' has personal knowledge of where there are "...places to buy food.".

I don't live in McMinnville. I do know where Safeway, Albertson's, Winco and Roth's Fresh Market are located.

The 'TMLAP ' as it stands today, will turn HWY 18 into a parking-lot. The 'TMLAP' could completely derail the funding for the By-Pass extension and economically destroy McMinnville's 'Downtown' and other commercial establishments.

McMinnville's administration is replete with bloviating, feckless bovines who need to be ushered into peaceful pastures before more 'utility bills' are increased; to pay for 'development projects' McMinnville cannot afford (or even needs) thereby further enslaving McMinnvilleans in the process. [Don't forget the $27 Million dollars (and change) of increasing debt the Urban Renewal Agency has already incurred.]

Yamhill County should be very proud of Mr. Haugeberg's selfless dedication and expertise in all aspects of the 'By-Pass' project with special commendations for; his rigorous inclusion of highly educated transportation experts, coordination of participating jurisdictions, state officials and of course, the public at large.

David S. Wall

Joel R

So great ro see Ms Richards continuing her quest to bring more traffic jams to our town.


Yes--how often I have whispered a quiet "thanks" to Heather while waiting through four traffic lights to cross an intersection. And while we're at it, why don't we salute the engineering genius who reconfigured the parking lot behind Geraldi's?

Bill B

The light at Second and Baker is a joke. If a car is waiting at the light heading west bound, only three cars get through heading east (and four get through headed west)!


On the other hand, I'll bet you could listen to the complete "Bohemian Rhapsody" at that intersection. Maybe even "Hallelujah."