By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Permit filed for Cruising McMinnville event

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"We're agnostic about the content of events." Agnostic? Mr. Towery either needs to choose a different word for what he means to say, or leave his skepticism about the existence of God out of the discussion.


I can't even think what word Towery meant to use instead of agnostic. It's like he's channeling Norm Crosby.


(in a non-religious context) having a doubtful of non-committal attitude toward something.........

I think Towery is ok according to Webster...


Maybe he meant "impartial."
Or "transparent."
Or "open to all stakeholders."

Jeb Bladine

No, he meant to say "agnostic" -- I heard him say it, and knew without a second thought what it meant. The city doesn't take a stand on the nature of an event -- content, sponsorship, etc. It's not that unusual a use of the word.

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