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Party politics erased from editorial masthead

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Cassie Sollars

Kudos to the News-Register editorial board! I enthusiastically applaud your decision to retain the "independent" part of your masthead as a way of harkening back to the original - and in my mind true - definition of Republican. I am a registered Democrat who has indeed voted for many of those Republicans of old in the past. Great editorial - thanks for bringing this subject front and center for intelligent discussion. It's my hope that we can once again return to the more convivial nature of the Lincoln-Roosevelt-Eisenhower era. Of course we should sprinkle in a few Democrats as well!


I, too, applaud this decision, but with a note of wistful sadness. It is too bad that the use - or misuse - of this once venerable term has become a shibboleth for partisan validation (or excoriation). Over time, the meanings of many words do change through the misappropriation of terms once foreign to their modern usage.

The art, and value, of a civil discourse in the public square is too often subjugated to a level below sound-bite journalism and bumper-sticker ideology. To even advocate for such a discourse is deemed evidence of ideological impurity.

The N-R is to be commended for striving to maintain its roots as a public forum "to promote doing the right thing." Thank you for being that independent voice in our own community. It is very much appreciated.

Don Dix

If 'partyism is the new racism, a method of exclusion ...', then the American public should treat it as such. I am a registered 'can't stomach party politics', so none of the factions, or their proclamations, represent my sentiments enough to garner any personal support (too many BS hollow promises, for one).

Partisan politics IS the elephant in the room when it comes to accomplishing anything relevant (for 'we the people'). Imagine the possibilities that would be available if 'partyism' was eliminated from the entire situation.

The headline I would most like to read is only the first 3 words ... 'Party Politics Erased'! That would cause millions of influence peddlers to find real, productive careers, allowing government to operate responsibly.

That said, the NR is on the right track, so maybe there is a glint of hope!


Agreed, Cassie, Don and Sponge.

Remembering the statesmanlike conduct of our statesmen (and women) in days past and contrasting it with the pervasively abrasive my-way-or-the-highway nastiness of today gives me little hope for the future. Countless friendships crossed the aisles in the chambers of Congress (and state legislatures) in the old days but today I believe they truly hate each other. I've tried to impart this warning to my children but, in the words of Monty Python, sometimes I think I'm just "pining for the fjords."

Good call, Jeb. Too bad we've reached this point.

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