By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Parkway to ODOT: Keep the fishhook

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One correction to this story. I am a member of the Parkway Committee and the folded diamond concept was within Dundee's urban growth boundary. But it was outside the Bypass right of way and required a relatively large amount of new, Dundee UGB land. The Dundee Landing interchange stayed within the current Bypass right of way and that was why it was the preferred option selected by the Parkway Committee for phase 3.


Please, not another roundabout, and especially not there!

Amity fan

Oh goody, so we still have to make a left-hand turn to get onto the bypass. I can't believe Dundee still wants to have that eyesore looming over their town. But it seems that Dundee drives the ship on the silly bypass, always have and always will it seems. Here's an idea. Why not make the bypass - especially with Phase 2 - the main thoroughfare? In other words, tear out the fishhook, veer 99W to the right as it comes in from the West and make on and off ramps with an underpass to go into Dundee/Newberg. If the idea is to bypass Newberg and Dundee then 99W should bypass the two towns all together. Make sure to fix the mess on the East end by taking the East end straight through with an overpass over 219. Again, use on and off ramps to access 219. Seems simple enough but that's likely the problem. There seems to be a need to overcomplicate the problem - oh and yes and of course we have to make sure that the politicians are involved in making the decisions(sarcasm).