By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Pacific Power settles with 403 plaintiffs

The company said it has now settled nearly 1,500 claims individuals and businesses in both California and Oregon.

“The company will continue to settle all reasonable claims,” it said in the press release. (The settlements do not affect the ongoing legal complaints filed by Oregon wineries.)

Plaintiffs were represented by Warren Allen, the Swigart Law Group and Spreter & Petiprin.

“This settlement marks a significant step forward for all Oregonians affected by the 2020 Labor Day Fires,” said George McCoy, attorney at Warren Allen. “It provides meaningful compensation to those affected, enabling them to rebuild and recover from these traumatic events. We acknowledge PacifiCorp’s willingness to engage in constructive dialogue and reach a mutually agreeable resolution. This settlement represents a collaborative effort to address the needs of the community, and we remain committed to pursuing further resolutions to support the ongoing recovery of all Oregonians affected by the fires.”

PacifiCorp is accused of having caused several of the massive blazes by refusing to shut off power to at-risk areas in the days leading up to the fires, despite warnings. Several other utilities did shut off power, in response to pleas from the state.

Last December, Oregon Public Broadcasting announced that PacifiCorp had reached a $299 million settlement with plaintiffs suing over the Archie Creek fire, which destroyed “around 170 homes” in southern Oregon.

The company said in its June press release that “Pacific Power has an industry-leading wildfire mitigation program, including investments in grid hardening, situational awareness, forecasting, data science and enhanced vegetation management. … The growing threat of wildfires affects everyone and is larger than any single company, industry or government. It is critical that wildfire-related issues be solved holistically, with businesses, governments and key stakeholders working together to design and implement constructive, enduring solutions.”


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