By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Oregon and county COVID-19 cases continue to grow

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I don't find the reporting of cases to be very useful. To leave out the number of hospitalizations and deaths locally, including the death rate, would be fair, especially if it was charted over time. Cases-only feels like fear-mongering and politically oriented.

tagup coronavirus is a pretty good can sign up for daily email updates....


Thanks tagup. I think you mean I still can't find what I'm looking for and I've spent a lot of hours looking. I got very close with this: but they do not list Oregon!
However, Washington State sure looks amazingly low. I suspect Oregon is the same, and YAMHILL COUNTY is way way better than most. That's what I would hope Nicole Montesano would do for us.

Nicole Montesano

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for, HumblyYours. Yamhill County has now added a feature to its website telling the number of local cases that have been hospitalized (20, as of today, out of 252, and another 22 status unknown), and that information will be in the next article. I'm disappointed that they have removed another feature, the number of local cases considered recovered, because I think that was also important to track. There have been nine deaths locally, out of that 252.
Are you looking for cases, or deaths, per 10,000, either locally or statewide?
Please clarify, and I'll see what I can do in future articles.


Thank you Nicole for your detailed coverage of so many things going on. Yes, to me reporting cases is like saying how many people got a cold. It gives no point of comparison or severity. Since our governor continues to increase the restrictions based on cases (dumb idea) rather than hospitalization and death rate (not total as of today but daily over time) I believe our economy, school options, and county individuals' mental well-being are suffering needlessly. Please look at the graphs on the link in my earlier post. A graph of daily deaths over time tells the real story. See how many states have dropped to nearly zero? Thanks again.