By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

ODOT turns down invite to negotiate repayment with board

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Looks like the farmers just raised our taxes about $1,000,000.00.


Note to Starrett and Berschauer, when you constantly bash and ridicule the state, why would you expect them to negotiate anything with you? From ODOT's perspective it's simple, the county didn't do what they said they would do when they accepted the grant. Now that the politics have jacked the project around to where more money has been wasted with the stoppage, don't expect any sympathy from the granting agency. Its a common clause called maintenance of effort of behalf of the grantee. The two of you chose to not "Maintain the effort" that the grant was accepted under. Time to pay up! By the way, they have also put any future grants in serious jeopardy. Grantors look at the success of previous grants, and the maintenance of effort. More things for the rest of the state to laugh at. BTW, Berschauer's forensic audit request suggests that she certainly mistrusts the entire county staff.


B&S have made the county a laughing stock, and did it in incredibly short order.


Great job Starrett and Bersch!
I’m sure history won’t forget the great work you’ve done here.
$1.1 million isn’t that much is it?


The animosity that the board exudes is disgusting! (Kasey excluded) What is happening here? We have two commissioners who hate government (and draw a salary from that same government). I have never understood hatred nor do I understand when people who pretend to be religious act in a manner that is directly opposite of Christ’s teaching. SAD!


How many signatures do we need to get recalls on the ballots for these two? Can you legally collect signatures to recall each one of these two simultaneously?


6873 valid signatures to get a recall petition on a ballot, plus 20% to be safe, means we need 8250 signatures

David S. Wall

Good Job aim!

I'll sign it.

David S. Wall