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Noble takes child-welfare problem to the floor

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fir tree

No, you don't want to give this to the County, especially Yamhill County. They can't even keep their own house in order, let alone take on a program like this. The issue is correctly characterized by Rep. Noble - it's a problem that's too big, even for the state. It starts with family and individual responsibility, of which we as a society seem to have lost touch with. Then we make it bigger by doing things like legalizing marijuana. Government cannot fix issues that largely exist across society in general. Giving this program to the county, where H&HS has already ballooned out of control over the past decade or so (the largest department in the County by far). The staff are not prepared, and the County has not been governed even close to well enough to take this on.


I'd like to provide some clarification regarding my proposed bill. HB 3383 is a proposal for a pilot program in Yamhill County to have DHS explore delivering a Community-Based Child Welfare System similar to the way the Oregon Health Authority contracts with Community Care Organizations (CCO's) to deliver healthcare. We need to look at new innovative ways to take care of our most vulnerable children. Having DHS explore options in a community-based setting that will best meet our children's needs is an important step in the right direction.


A BIG "NO" to the Starrett/Noble HB 3383


Ron: Come to McMinnville and visit Mac Water and light... take a stroll thru Joe Dancer Park and then try to find our missing Dog Control. You and Mary have such big ideas... but maybe slowdown and fix our camper issue vs handing out needles and maybe do a pilot project on how to run dog control. When your done with that look at our roads and after you fix all of that propose your pilot project for the Newberg area centered as close as possible to Smith Road.



God bless Ron and Mary for taking on this issue. Local government is more accountable to the people they serve than the huge bureaucracy
in Salem.

fir tree

What? God bless Ron and Mary? Give me a break. I appreciate Rep. Noble further explaining the proposal, however, we all know that Starrett's motivation is not genuine. It never is. All she ever does is complain about the state. Instead of building partnerships she regularly takes shots at those who are suppose to be our partners in addressing real issues and services. Yamhill County cannot get any kind of handle on the present issues/problems that are facing the community now - especially the homeless issues and the roads/bridges. Creating another CCO type organization is just another way to expand local government. No, no, and no.


What "many talented people who provide child welfare services on the state level"?
Why not ask Jeanette Maples her opinion?--whoops; she's dead, systematically tortured to death by her mother, who deservedly sits on Oregon's Death Row. Several DHS "talented people" previously investigated the case; they did nothing; Jeanette was ignored. Read the autopsy report if you can stand it. DHS equals incompetence.

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