By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

Noble: ‘We have a crisis’

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Tom Hammer

Three Republicans lending their name to this bill were rewarded with money for their constituent community. Pork begets campaign contributions. Can government dollars deliver the compassion that private organizations deliver, or will this just be another system to game?

Don Dix

Politicians and pork are consistent bedfellows ... everywhere. Doesn't it cause one to wonder what 'rewards' governor Kate regularly collects from pimping for the state employee unions?


I welcome any relaxing of laws and regulations which might be getting in the way of a meaningful solution.


so is this going to be something like we see at the Texas border for refugees? or is it going to be like an apartment complex?

David S. Wall

"We have a crisis" alright, [HB 2004], [HB 2006] , [HB2367], [SB 8] and [HB 3261A] for starters.

But, you can make up your own informed decisions.

[HB 2004] Text:

My Testimony [HB 2004]:

[HB 2006] Text:

My Testimony [HB 2006]:

[HB 2367] Text:

[SB 8] Text:

My Testimony [SB 8]:

[HB 3261 A] Text:

My Testimony [HB 3261 A]:

There are more but, I don't want to bore you.

[HB 2001(2019)] and [HB 2003 (2019)] have already destroyed "single-family zoning" throughout Oregon.

Property values are going to plummet once high-density low-income housing projects start showing up in neighborhoods.

[SB 8] is the most dangerous but, none of the aforementioned are "good."

Wave "good-bye" to the sanctity of all Public Places such as Parks.

David S. Wall