By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg School District seeking bids for communications company

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Strong work on the title News-Register... "Newberg School Dstrict seeking bids for communications company, af"


Superintendent Stephen Phillips--such a brilliant choice! Mind like a steel trap. Is everyone connected with the Newberg School District an incompetent sneak with something to hide? It's past time you crawled out from under your rock.


It's just blatant at this point isn't it. The pro-stupid people want to put more pro-stupid people in place. They're not done imposing their political view so they're going to hire others to help them.

I very much doubt the company they want to do can even accomplish what they're wanting them to do, let alone manage an email account. Yet the school board isn't any more clever at this point so wouldn't see any reason not to start shoveling our tax dollars towards their cronies.


$7000 a month to run a facebook forum? Nice work if you can get it.