By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg School District employees placed on leave after TikTok video

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What a Sh** Show that school is!!I've seen the tiktok, they spelled "allowed", "aloud"........that's rather embarrassing.


Hey, mastery of basic skills like spelling is no longer required to graduate government school in Oregon.

Tom Hammer

products of teacher colleges, the source of the problem.


There is no excuse for poor judgment, but blaming “teacher colleges” is painting with a pretty wide brush!

The Raven

@Myopinion: Aloud is a correct spelling for one version of that word - are you certain they didn't mean aloud, versus your assumption that meant "allowed"? (I haven't seen the video so I don't know, just wondering, as I'm assuming anyone with a Master's degree, working as a school counselor would know the difference.)

@TomHammer: They weren't teachers. They were guidance counselors. Not the same college programs.

Seems perhaps people need to read before they judge.


The Raven, they are standing in front of a certain flag in question, and they are quoting people they don't agree with, and the caption says (and I quote word for word)
"I don't think that flag should be aloud in schools", oh yeah, and flipping off the camera, double duty even, 2 people, both hands flipping the bird.


copy/past this, it should take you directly to a picture

Mac Worker

It's a green screen TikTok (says so on the bottom). That means the woman in the hat in front filmed a video of herself in front of the existing video with the counselors and added the text with the misused "aloud."


Mac Worker, not everyone is running to go watch the video, they are taking it at face value, what we can see from the picture. REGARDLESS, grown adult women, shouldn't be flipping off the camera for their students to see, its disrespectful, and so unprofessional.