By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg school board to consider BLM, Pride flag ban

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Many schools don't even want to see garments with certain logos or messages. Why then, should these banners be allowed? And, don't get me going on BLM.


If you allow these flags, someone will surely put a confederate flag up to raise chaos.

How about the only acceptable flags present are US and Oregon ones?


For “the well-being and safety of students,” we should require that “Blue Lives Matter” flags be displayed, to remind students that civility and order need protectors.


The US Supreme Court has already spoken on this: Tinker v. Des Moines. Students do not lose their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse gate as long as the symbols are not disruptive to learning.


Russ, I'd say that boosting a gang of socialist thugs is disruptive to learning.


So the message that the school board wants to send now is that Black lives don't matter as much as they previously thought, Pride stops at the schoolhouse doors, and, my personal favorite, All Students Don't Belong. That last one was definitely the message I received as a disabled student in Willamina and I'm baffled to see it pushed by a member of the school board. As for the children of police officers feeling threatened by the reminder that Black Lives Matter, that's just stupid. The police still have all of the power here, and their children are still protected by it. No number of reminders that Black people are also entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can change that. But the school board actively wanting to remove those reminders will terrify those children of color and that's pretty clearly the point behind this move.


Nice one-sided article, NR. Way to only seek out one-point-of-view interviews. "News" at its finest.


Ridiculous! Put that American Flag back up, and reinstate the pledge of allegiance. Oh wait........I forgot.............its offensive!!!!!!!!


Not sure people of color are as taken with the pledge of allegiance as you are......“liberty and justice for all” hasn’t been a given in their world.....