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Newberg School Board member attended Jan. 6 in DC

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Who cares. There were 100,000+ people there and only around hundred did anything wrong. This is a political hit piece that makes me want to cancel my subscription. Focus more on the types of teachers like the McMinnville 4th grade teacher who tried to kidnap and rape two teenagers in Washington earlier this year


Yes, reporting facts is a hit piece if don't like the facts I guess. I want to know who attended the "tourist insurrection".


903 far.


No one could be more partisan, more biased, and more wrong than DeBrito. She and the rest of the right-wing crew of the Newberg School Board have no business serving on a non-partisan board. Thank you for reporting on this. She's has also "left" the local medical device manufacturer.


I'm with C. She attended a political speech given by a then president well over a year before being appointed. That's it. This appears to be an attempt by a Leftist press to smear an apparent conservative via 'guilt by association'. See what I just did there?


The headline should read “Newberg School Board Member Exercises Her 1st Amendment Right, Liberals Outraged!”
But agreeing with Oregonize, I too would like to know who was there.
Who were the Antifa members filmed changing out of ‘black bloc’ and into ‘maga’ gear?
Who was the Antifa dressed individual smashing windows above the capitol steps?
Who were, or how many, FBI operatives were undercover?
Who were the Capital Police -CP- who took down the crowd control barricades – BEFORE the crowds got heavy?
Who were the CP who opened the locked doors and let people into the rotunda? Even AOC was recently complaining to a reporter that this was never explained, random acts of honesty.
Who was the CP who escorted the Q-shaman into the well of the house?
Who advised Pelosi to 3 times, turn down Trump’s offer of Nat Guard security for the rally?
Who was Ray Eps working with? Eps, the men in a maga hat directing and leading people into the capitol, on film the day of and day before. FBI? Entrapment?
Who cleared CP Lila Morris of wrong doing? Morris who was filmed violently beating Rosanne Boyland as she lay dying in the capital tunnel. No, Boyland did not die of an overdose.
Who, until just recently, covered up the identity of CP Jason Bagshaw, who was filmed hitting an unarmed woman with a baton over 40 times in the span of 4 minutes.
There are lots and lots of questions. Jan 2023 a constitutional congressional committee will be seated and these questions and more will be answered. Defense witnesses will be allowed, cross examination will be allowed to take place, no evidence will be off limits, and ranking members will choose their own representatives to sit on the committee. Maybe we’ll get real answers, what a novel idea.

Bill B

Is this really newsworthy? Sounds like National Enquier (or are they still around)


Jeez people....she attended a historical event....what’s wrong with asking her opinion about it?
Pretty defensive to call this article a “hit piece” or a “smear”.....although her lack of response about how she felt about the event is interesting.

m or s

Good thing summer is almost over, cause people done drunk up all the Kool-aid.


I think it's more of a "Trust me with your children's education because I attended and supported a Christo-Fascist rally in DC to overthrow an election" kind of article.


She fit right in with the crowd--flag and MAGA hat. If her sole purpose was to witness for herself what was happening on that infamous sixth of January, why has she no response? Maybe she'll try to comp the trip.


Another instigating news article from Nicole. What exactly is the intent of this article? Who cares if she attended? Isn’t there much more positive events occurring in our community to report on? Great work on your gas lighting journalism, Nicole; you’re making the Newsregister, Yamhill County, and our community proud.


Spicy-gaslighting? Do you know what that means? Weird use of the term


A lot of people were in DC but not for the shenanigans that have become the focal point. Didn't see any mention of the neighbors on the street where the chucklehead fired shots at a car! Bring in proximity is not indictable.


Shenanigans? It was an insurrection!.
It should be easy for a public servant to voice opposition to that!


Afghanistan was an insurrection; Jon. 6th was an awful riot with horrendous security at our capital leading some buffoons to enter the building disrupting proceedings. 3 protestors/rioters died of natural causes and one rioter, an unarmed woman, was shot to death by a police officer. The next day an officer died of a stroke that the media oft links to Jan. 6th though the official autopsy report doesn't affirm it as due to the riot and initial claims he was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher proved false.

I don't recall seeing any AR-15s or any gunshots by anyone other than police that day. Jan. 6th was awful and hopefully ended Trump's political career (I like DeSantis) but people seem to stretch words to the maximum extent these days to characterize events in the best or worst light possible (remember the 'fiery but mostly peaceful protests' of the summer of 2020'?).


C’mon Rob, Organized teams of guys wearing military gear entered the capital. Planning was clearly done in advance and was recorded. Much of the action may have been spontaneous, after trumps speech but there was clearly an element that had objectives. An attempt to Stop the certification of the vote is an attempt to overthrow the Government. It’s the definition of an insurrection!


!. FBI didn't find evidence of pre-planning. See story below.

2. The riot actually started before the end of Trump's speech.

There are a still a lot of unanswered questions before one can definitively say what all happened that day. I would like actual hearings with full transparency (release all the video) rather than the Soviet style show trial they've been showing on TV. No dissent means it's for show and I don't like all the blatant lies (e.g. Liz Cheney - see below) on television for something this important. Maybe we'll have something bipartisan and real if the Republicans win the House in Nov.


Well, your sources explain much about your outlook.

Brietbart busts Cheney’s chops for omitting a sentence from a tweet….yet trump sat on his hands for 3 hours while a “riot” was happening at the US Capital? That inaction speaks volumes.
And the Yahoo story you cite is from August 2021. Plenty of new information since that was published.

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