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Newberg revamps urban renewal district proposal

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David S. Wall

This story is a complex one to dissect for there are many issues relevant to the Newbergians.

'Urban Renewal Districts (URD)' are 'almost-never-ending debt machines'.

If governed correctly, the URDs can confer genuine benefits to the community however, in the case of the Newberg's sinister quest for an URD with respect to the 'hand-picked' principals and the imperious application of the 'Newberg Two-step' to dodge the County's involvement...The proposed URD is looking 'real bad' from the get-go.

The financial obligations have not been vetted to the Newbergians. Is the URD debt linked in any way to Newberg's GENERAL FUND? Mayor Rogers is a little economical with a response to this issue.

Newberg's quest to initiate an URD at the old paper mill site is problematical for several reasons. Let's start with an environmental issue.

The old paper mill site (mill), according to some old-timers who worked there for many years, say the 'mill' should be considered an 'environmental super-fund site'.

The stories of the 'lumber-ponds' were used as dumping sites for chemicals and many of 'barrels of DDT' to control mosquitoes over the years is worrisome.

There are additional stories over pollutants that one would think core samples, for chemical analyses, should be taken to depths of a (100) feet or more from an appropriate number of representative sample points.

There are 'No' discussions concerning the massive underground concrete structures designed to support the large machinery used for paper making processes.

How deep and how large are the underground concrete structures? Are these structures going to be exhumed from their forgotten, unmarked graves or used in the development projects? What is the cost allocated for this issue?

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David S. Wall