By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg measure would require vote on any projects to house the homeless

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What's next? How about a public vote on the city's ability to give you a parking ticket?...or provide trash service?...or to send police to your house if you get robbed?...or to provide water, or sewer to it's residents? This stupid bill also makes every citizen a vigilante that can make any public official bankrupt by suing them. What person would want to serve in city gov. under those conditions??

Bill B

What a great idea! Saying that, it would be great if we could separate the groups that should (IMHO) be provided home assistance because they need it versus those that just choose to be homeless. I see those in the RV/trailer group as the latter.


These nimby people dont care about anything but themselves. They have a church footing the bill and doing all the work and this group want to ride over people doing good work for others because it is too close to one of the nimbys. Newberg voted the maga school board in and it will end up costing the schools money and now they want to outlaw people helping the homeless. newberg is going from bad to worse.


Another george family wanting to control everyone else. They dont care about the people that would benefit greatly from this and just furthers their maga style beliefs. its incredible to me that newberg is voting these people in to offices.

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