By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg councilor called out for objecting to Pride proclamation

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Good on him.


There is the conformation the dog whistle to the haters worked.


I applaud McBride’s courage. By simply refusing to genuflect at the new cultural idol, he has invoked the wrath of the narrative gatekeepers.

Their dismissive hyperbolic invectives betray their own intolerance for diverse concepts: “an act of sheer hatred and intolerance”; homophobic bullying…that’s aggressive”; a black eye against the entire city of Newberg”; “active discrimination”.

An act of sheer hatred? You gotta be kidding me. Apparently, blind personal attacks are now favored over, what used to be called, the free exchange of ideas. Passion triumphs over reasonable discourse in the public square.


It’s a proclamation....why would anyone be against it?.....what some call courage by McBride looks more like playing politics to his group of narrow- minded supporters.....another example of petty issues that take the county reputation in the wrong direction....


Seems that the ones using what could be construed as "hate speech" were the very ones that objected to the councilman's comment.


His followup comments in the Newberg Graphic make this whole situation even worse. "Why don't we celebrate Christian Heritage Month? Our country was founded on Christian principles and our city and college was founded on Christian principles. Let's have a German heritage month while we're at it. This political correctness is just ridiculous."

Yikes, McBride. Also, we do, and it's called December.


Thank you Mayor Rogers. I absolutely agree that this proclamation is both the right thing to do, and also good economic sense. It's lovely to know that there are people in our community who see how we all are made stronger by lifting others up. Councilor McBride needs to practice those christian principals rather than complaining about the (apparent) unfair shortage of christian holidays.


Megan: If you think Christmas is a Christian holiday then you're sadly mistaken as it has for the vast majority morphed into an exercise in commercialisation with a nuanced secularism that masks the original spirit in which it has been celebrated for hundreds of years.


Christmas isn’t a Christian holiday?.....pretty sure the Jewish community would disagree...


Christmas was a Christian holiday, but the true spirit of it has been replaced with purely secular, selfish, and somber celebrations that by no means indicate it as a "Christian holiday"...
For Christians it is the day earmarked to celebrate the Saviours birth, but for the vast majority it is a time of commercialisation, inappropriate behavior (office parties), and a total disregard for those that still show some measure of faith.


Actually, Christmas was copied from the Roman feast of Saturnalia.


Bibb, I am well aware of the complex history behind Christmas, no need to be pedantic. That does not change the fact that the only religious holidays this country recognizes with federal days off are Christian holidays.

That aside, surely we can agree that the number of lawn signs about Jesus (and actual yard decorations including representations of Jesus) still far outnumber Pride flags in June in Yamhill County.


Knock it off, nasty Philistines, with your inappropriate, reprehensible behavior during savage office parties where you mud wrestle in wet T-shirts and practice "nuanced secularism." For shame.
Wait just a minute--didn't Jesus turn the water in wine on the third day of a wedding celebration? I believe it was considered his first miracle.


...changed the water "into" wine.