By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

'New life' for parking structure begins

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It's about time.


My brother drove me downtown in June and we parked in the garage because there's always a free lift-accessible parking spot. On this visit there was a small family living in the corner by the stairwell. A woman was lying on the ground covered with a blanket while someone helped her drink from a cup. I think she was sick. It really made me wonder what these people's options are that they're sleeping in a cold, dark, damp, exhaust-filled, concrete shell of a structure inside of which it always feels like a rainy evening in October.

Anyway, the important thing is we have more space for cars now.


I hope this works but what if they just keep coming back? Do they eventually get arrested? If I were destitute enough to want to live in that dark, dirty garage I would probably welcome a stay in the jail where there is at least a bed and three meals.
Homelessness is sure a tough problem for society. No easy solutions. Any worthwhile solution requires so much effort, time and money as well as the homeless persons willingness to engage and try to change. Uggh.


You make a very good point Bonny...the parking garage is a symptom of a bigger illness....

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