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New foreclosure bill created at county' behest

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Finally ,some common sense about this issue


What is really owed after not giving the County taxes for SIX years???? What is the true cost?

Absolutely one of the worst ideas ever.


The article didn't cover Starrett's other program where the County takes back properties and gives them to "non profits". Some of these same non profits received large checks from the County in December and then homes on top of that weeks later.

Would be a great article Nicole.

The News Register should outline this "program" - how many homes have been given away in 2019,

Nicole Montesano

Stella, we ran an article on July 10 of last year, "County turns foreclosures into affordable housing." You can find it in our archives. The homes in question were sold for the amount of back taxes owed, plus an administrative fee, and they were sold for the specific purpose of being used as affordable housing. I do not believe the county has either sold or given away foreclosed homes to non-profit organizations so far this year.


There were 5 homes at least I can think of since January, 2019. One was given to the United Mission or something like that - a name change in order to accept it - legal work done again by the County. They also received a check in December (which would have paid any fees for accepting it (?) - which is why I say "given away" by the County.

We need a follow up article on exactly how this works... how many homes were given away (excluding "fees"). How "non profits" can sign up for free homes. I'm honestly unsure how this happens or why.

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