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New county officials sworn in

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fir tree

Too bad Starrett hasn't figured out that the anti-government rhetoric doesn't accomplish anything. Establishing partnerships doesn't happen when you are constantly bashing the potential partners. BTW, there are a number of her positions on decisions wherein she didn't keep her oath of office in mind. Oh well it's just Mary Starrett.


News Register, I cannot even see Commissioner Starrett in her designated photo. Surely you have a better photo than that? But that aside, I’m very excited about newly sworn in elected officials and Commissioner Starrett and all that she’s fighting for.

I have a meeting with another Commissioner on DHS and foster care issues and he wrote me befuddled as to why I was coming to HIM instead of seeing DHS or the legislators. I was shocked that his constituents concerns about Family separation was not even a concern of his. Commissioner Starrett has taken every single concern on foster care, is a foster care mentor and emails and shows up in person and legislatively to fix the “same ‘ol” in Salem. I’m so happy I don’t have convince her to help fix an issue she already is very aware of and fighting for. But more importantly if you have an concern, go see her and she will help you. No matter the issue.

Reporter Starla Pointer

I hope the bigger photo is easier to see.


My Take FWIW: Judge Chapman is awesome. So is Sheriff Svenson.
I hope Mr Kulla turns out to be good. Even though she's been around for a long time, I don't know Ms Starrett. But if she's a conservative, I'm good with her.... for starters anyway.

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