By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

'Nerdy numbers' candidate Bledsoe wants to be treasurer

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Christmas has Talons

Of course she wants to be treasurer or anything and I mean anything else she can get elected to. She has been so desperate that in the past she has ran under every major party label to try to win. It's sad to see such desperation and need for public validation so much so that she was willing to ignore any idea of core values that each party she has used as a vehicle to try to win uphold. Republican,Democrat, Libertarian, Green party all very different philosophies and defended by staunch believers in each idea but not Kris if she thinks she can have a shot calling herself a Republican after running as a Democrat, Libertarian then that's what she'll do. All of that boils down to having no core values if they can be sold out for a possible win.

And any person with no core values would have no problem at all telling candidates that do not match the beliefs she's claiming this week to "Drink bleach that will fix you".

Vote Paulette Alexander! Intelligent,qualified,community oriented and horses...


Being Casey's MIL, I don't think it would be a good idea to have her in that position.

Christmas has Talons

Rotwang, I agree even the idea of nepotism in the county is concerning.


It also seems like a blatant conflict of interest.


It doesn't matter who is treasurer. The county treasurer has the sole function of investing the county funds. With rates at near-zero for the foreseeable future, the Oregon pool (the default option for county funds) will be the only option. Buying investments outside the pool will either result in a lower return, or risk no county treasurer would ever take on.


Classic...all the concern about nepotism and conflict of interest at the county level.......but not a problem in the White House?

Bill B

Tagup, you need to get some new material!


Just a humorous close to home?


My vote will be for the alternative... Katie St Ores

Once again we have Mary Starrett donating to a candidate using a long ago closed business account “along comes Mary” (vs RAF used for “mini me”) and I agree a sitting Commissioner’s mother in law is not a good idea either.

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