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Motorhome shot up during robbery attempt

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Yamhill County used to be Mayberry...


So did Mayberry, NC, a fictional place based on Andy Griffith's childhood home town of Mount Airy, NC, population 10,000. But times change.
Mount Airy theft rate runs 3.3 per thousand and property crime rate 4.3 per thousand, both roughly double the national average. That led one recent forum poster to say:
"My husband and I are considering moving our family to Mount Airy. Everything was looking good, but then I checked around on this website. After checking the City-Data crime index, I'm having second thoughts. The national average for the crime index is 239.8 and Mount Airy's is 530.8 (per 100,000). We are coming from a town that has an idex less than 120. I'm concerned about this. Can anyone give me any insight as to why this is so high? I'm hoping some of you that live there may be able to help me out."
You're not even safe in Mayberry anymore.


And why do our judges keep releasing this pocket sociopath? Brad Berry, would you care to field that question?


Hmmm. According to this report, Damian Belander attacks pregnant women, assaults police officers, trashes automobiles, threatens Good Samaritans, discharges firearms at people and property, steals, robs, menaces and kidnaps before conveniently forgetting it all due to the staggering quantities of illicit drugs he enjoys.

I dunno, Lulu. Sounds like a good candidate for rehabilitation to me. Where's your compassion?


I believe Belander's die has been cast.

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