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Merkley talks money at town hall

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Jazmin did a wonderful job of representing the Kids on the Block After-School Enrichment program! Not only did she get to ask the first question, she also accepted a flag flown over the US Capitol, given in recognition of the KOB After-School program's 25th year of service in our community.

Each elementary school will have a chance to fly the flag for a week as part of the KOB After-School program's week of patriot-themed activities. KOB Kids will learn about the history and symbolism of our flag, as well as the proper way to raise, lower, and fold a flag.

After each site completes their Patriot Week, the flag will be displayed at the McMinnville Community Center.

Janet Adams, Program Director
Kids on the Block After-School Enrichment
McMinnville Parks & Recreation Department

E.J. Farrar

200 Town Hall meetings when some Senators don't do any. I'm proud to call him my Senator.

Don Dix

Senator Merkley, while correct, is only nibbling at the problem with money in politics. PACs (labor unions and special interests) spend and lobby congress with the same vigor and mountains of cash as corps. And both corps. and PACs are considered 'people' by the SC ruling. And both spend with the expectation of 'legislative favors'. So the evil corps. are certainly not alone in this congressional bribery.

The fact that Senator Merkley didn't mention PACs might be puzzling -- but since PACs have supplied 25% of his total donations, maybe not so much of a puzzle after all!

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