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Members of county parks board speak out

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It just keeps getting worse. What a joke.


This is a good article, and I want to thank the N-R for publishing it. However, there is one factual error that I must correct. As parks liaison in 2021, Commissioner Berschauer DID meet with the Parks Board in that capacity, when we met at Lafayette Locks in July. On the agenda at that time was parks master planning. As I recall the discussion, we reviewed a very preliminary draft Request for Proposals, and also were interested in developing an estimate for the costs for this planning. Commissioner Berschauer participated in that discussion, and, again as I recall, was particularly interested in how to pay for continuing maintenance and improvement for our parks system. This something that parks master planning should address. I also want to add that Commissioner Berschauer was instrumental in approving additional funding in the 2022-2023 parks budget to begin the master planning process. These are my personal comments as Chair of the Yamhill County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.
Jim Culbert


Are there any adults in the room?


Next up - move to privatize and monetize the parks we do have. A third-party company owned by a political buddy will specialize in park management and they'll grant a contract to maintain the parks. It will be spun as a cost saving measure and a beautiful public-private partnership. It is actually to reduce quality of life here to discourage people from living here who can't afford their own land. Then the buddy can charge for using parks, defeating the purpose of public parks entirely and increasing personal profit as they collect fees from the county and users. Maybe some parks with lower traffic will just be sold to political buddies. Given the makeup of the new board, hazelnuts may be grown on newly privatized land soon. Oregonian is right. It just keeps getting worse. But we are not yet near rock bottom.


"Now defunct David Duke County Park now home to glorious new maga hat factory"

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