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Members of Congress meet with imprisoned immigrants

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Merkley and his grand standing buddies will even use children to get to President Trump. There is so much fake news going on in this whole ordeal. We have people go to prison every day in America who where born here that get separated from their children. They broke the law and so did the people in question. I again ask why are we treating people who broke the law from a foreign country better than our own people? Why don’t you people who are protesting here go to these foreign country’s and protest there for more humane treatment of the people in their native country? You won’t go because you would get thrown in prison there or worse yet shot on sight. I am fed up with the flaming liberals thinking illegal immigrants are more important than the people born here.


There was an illuminating letter to the editor a week or so that outlined how Senator Merkley engineered a visit to a detention center where he knowingly did not obtain the proper credentials to gain entry. Fortunately there just happened to be plenty of press members present for him to talk to. The letter to the editor ended with "Shame on you Senator Merkley"



The left would happily rip you away from your children, destroy your family and throw you in a cage for a "crime" as arbitrary as having more rounds in a magazine then they think you should be allowed to have.

They don't care about families being separated; they care about using them to destroy you in politics.


Democrats need a diversion from the IG report in the news.


Actually, REB, I was thinking just the opposite: Trump needs a diversion from his giving away the store in DPRK, Cohen possibly flipping, "the Russer thing," as he put it in his interview with NBC's Lester Holt, the building blue wave, etc. etc.
And, Jim, as became clear today (Wednesday) with Trump's flip-flop on family separation, it was Trump himself who was using kids and family to try to leverage his immigration agenda.
And, actually, country97, the "plenty of press members" were not in attendance when Merkley went to the detention center. Those video snipets were shot by a staff member. You can tell because they are not anything close to professional quality, nor was he interviewed as would be usual if the press were there. I could be wrong, but I think this was a Youtube post.
And Rotwang, I don't know what "left" you could be referring to that would rip families apart for breaking a law. Following the law is not a left or right thing. Break the law, pay the fine or do the time.
For a court to determine if it is appropriate to terminate parental rights is a long and involved legal process with many protections for both parent and child. Check it out, don't make it up.


BT you can sling all the BS you want about picture quality and every other you excuse you came up with but Merkley is a Oregon congress representative and he has no business in Texas spending Oregon’s money. He is a whining,grandstanding little puke who is just stirring the pot to draw attention to himself and the rest of the weak little weasels he runs with.


One more thing these three Democrats need to do is spend time doing what they got elected to do. It’s not chasing illegal immigrants and trying to cause more hate and discontent. Their job is to help the people of this state by bringing back logging,the salmon populations by getting rid of the seallions,fixing our infrastructure of roads and bridges,fixing PERS and so on and so on. Being at Federal Prisons and in Texas chasing illegal immigrants ain’t cutting it boys do your job.


Jim, just to be real clear, it one of the duties of Congress to monitor what the executive branch does. That involves site observation. Also, members of Congress are paid from federal funds, not state funds. And PERS is a purely state issue with nothing to do with Congress.
Finally, name a single member of Congress, either party, who doesn't grandstand to some extent. Without election finance control they are always running for re-election.

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