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McMinnville teachers show unity for increased state funding

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Shame on you. Teaching kids you can walk out on your responsibilities if your unhappy. Know how I'm voting on the next school bond = NO


I’m sure chanting “more socialism” “more illegals into McMinnville!!”


I know a lot of teachers in this district and I don’t have any ill feeling towards them. They are under a ton of pressure from parents, students and a school board and administration that don’t seem to be a whole lot of help. They are under constant pressure to get students to hit attendance numbers and test scores by the district administration. With huge class sizes it is a hard goal to accomplish. I applaud the teachers for what you have done with so little help.


It's sad to see the teachers do this kind of thing. But I have to agree with Jim...I have a lot of respect for the very difficult job that they do.
We have known many of them over the years as our kids have gone through the McMinnville schools and I have to say we have had a LOT of absolutely fantastic teachers (and administrators) who really love the students and care about their success. I'm truly grateful for all that they do!!


My sister is a teacher. My kids went to Mac. Has zero to do with liking them - more to do with what example they are setting.


What an embarrassment to educators who actually care about their kids. Our daughter teaches and thank God she cares enough for her students to provide a good example for them by not having a public tantrum. Children are watching I just hope they are watching the decent, moral teachers and not those all about themselves.

Reporter Starla Pointer

Stella, maybe you didn't read the story -- McMinnville teachers gathered prior to the work day, then went in together and taught all day. gregtompkins, no chanting at all.


Thanks Starla....but your facts ruined a good rant!!...:)


If teachers want to protest - do it on the weekend. The signs, etc disrupt what could have been a productive morning.


Somehow, I'm not surprised.

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