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McMinnville City Council considers revenue options

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Joel R

I think a better plan would be the opposite. Lets have local business owners all get together and decide to slap a "fee" on the city council. "We know that this has been an unprecedented and difficult time for the city council but staff continue to recommend that we create this fee. Sorry."


Great. We get another involuntary tax added to our utility bill upon which we have no voting opportunity all while the city manager continues to fail to manage the city budget?

How much do we pay Jeff Towery to run our city on budget?


It isn't a fee. It's a tax. Stop enabling them by twisting the language.


I wonder if the article could have included some explanation as to how we have a $1.2 million shortfall. Has the city looked at options to reduce services and staff, rather than continue to add taxes and fees? Many people have had a tough year with reduced incomes, and now the city wants to increase taxes. I agree Joel R. - let's slap a fee on the city council!


I'm with CubFan's statement above. We the people who are asked to pay this tax should be provided explaination of the significant shortfall. A breakdown of where the money has been spent would be very transparent.

David S. Wall

McMinnvilleans are going to get screwed and they justly deserve their punishments and those punishments on the horizon by allowing the feckless dullards on their city council to have placed them in this mess.

Reckless and irresponsible residential development is going to exacerbate more and more 'Fee increases.'

Wait until water shortages, rationing and costs of waste-water treatment cost soar. Let us not forget garbage and yard-waste cost increases.

The McMinnvilleans should determine an update of their city charter is required for survival.

McMinnvilleans should elect representatives who would update their city charter to define all the 'Fee increases' are 'Taxes' that should be determined by the voters.

As to reducing administrative costs all jurisdictions within Yamhill County should consider the following model or acceptable variations;

McMinnville should consult with adjoining jurisdictions (Lafayette, Dundee, Newberg for example) to combine jurisdictional functions of; the Office of the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Planning Director, Finance Director, the Economic Development Director and Tourism programs for starters and contract-out only the necessary functions to fiduciaries.

In the mean time, Department Heads should report directly to the Mayor and Council and hold Department Head's 'feet to the fire.' There will be more responsibilities for the Office of the City Attorney and this Office would need some help to coordinate contracts for services and remaining employee issues.

If adopted, regional prosperities would grow as controlled costs of jurisdictional governments stabilize.

New residential permitting and sewer hook-up moratoriums would also control costs and elevate property values.

David S. Wall