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Manfrin has a passion for community health

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fir tree

Lindsay will do an amazing job at leading, as long as Starrett doesn't micromanage her. Lindsay can create and maintain an outstanding Human Services department through her knowledge, skill, and compassion for people. She is a gifted leader who will serve the citizens well.

David S. Wall

This News Register Story is too sugary and incomplete for me.

Let's review some history of HHS and HHS's subordinate Corporation, Yamhill Community Care Organization (YCCO).
Director HHS Silas Halloran-Steiner forms Yamhill Community Care Organization [Note Date: May 14, 2014] Seamus McCarthy becomes YCCO's New Authorized Representative [Note date: June 14, 2017]
YCCO Letter of Intent [Note Date signed: 01.31.19]

YCCO "Fails Miserably from Oregon Health Authority Audit:"

(Review the entire report, for a sneak peak in viewing the "Failed categories of Evaluation" start at (page 7)...[Note Date of Report: July 9, 2019].

The letter below puts YCCO on a "One-year Probation" [Note Date of Letter: July 9, 2019];

[Mid-September 2019] Silas Halloran-Steiner tenders resignation but, " is effective at the end of January (2020)".

But, this fact shows up in the [News Register Article [Date 12.06.19] "HHS Director Resigns" Silas states he wants to, "...spend more time with his family, travel with wife and kids..."]

End Post 1
David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Post 2
[News Register Article [Date: 12.17.19]; "State Approves YCCO for Full 5-Year Contract"] This is after YCCO works with OHA to correct "deficiencies in application." Hmmm...

Silas Employment Contract: [Taxpayers-get ready to puke.] (Review pages 23-36)

Those pesky, very lucrative Independent Contractor Employment Contracts really interfere with spending "more time with the time travel with wife and kids..." Get to work at home-check-out all of the perks.

This intriguing drama has the Director of HHS forming a "Corporation (YCCO)" under the HHS Department, Fails an OHA Audit, Tenders his Resignation, then, "working with OHA...deficiencies in application to OHA are corrected," "State Approves a "Full 5-year Contract" while YCCO is still on a "One-year probation contract" and Silas gets a cool Independent Contractor gig at the end of January 2020.

The most interesting phenomenon arises from the "Failed OHA Audit" predicated on an "...incomplete application..." and then mysteriously is corrected.

What we have here is a doctrinal anomaly-instead of, "The Dog ate my homework-The Dog found my homework" and we are supposed to buy into this crap.

Or, does this story really concerns itself with the following;

The State of Oregon could not enter into an agreement, lobbied by; Commissioner Starrett and Seamus McCarthy [HB 3383], a "Pilot program-community based child welfare services" with a "Failed YCCO" now could they?


David S. Wall

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