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Mailer seeks to make Berschauer recall a referendum on the trail

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todd sadlo

A truth about the Yamhelas Westsider Trail is that the Yamhill to Carlton segment would connect those towns safely by foot or bicycle, entirely on publicly owned property. The relative handful of farmers who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars litigating it did so with hyperbolic nonsense about potential harm. They refused to accept any version of the trail, even as heavily conditioned as the version adopted more than once by the Board of Commissioners.

I recently retired after 40 years as an Oregon lawyer and also recently had the displeasure of working with Lindsay Berschauer. Ms Berschauer saw the anti-trail bandwagon as a possible source of funding and support for her other fringe political ideas, and she was correct. Her opposition to the trail has nothing to do with farm practices and everything to do with her anti-social and corrupt view of the role of local government in people's lives.

Ms Berschauer should be recalled, not for her opposition to the trail, but for her refusal and lack of ability to govern. She holds office to provide a stage for political theater--not to govern and serve all 100,000 county residents, but to serve a handful of supporters against a majority of county residents. Deliberately ignoring the rule of law is anti-democratic, and throwing shade on science during a pandemic is reckless. Please sign the petition now and get it to Save Yamhill County before the end of the month. Restore Yamhill County's stature among Oregon counties.


According to almost all of the "Oregon Family Farm Association" funding comes from Loren Parks, the same man who bankrolled Kevin Manixx and Bill Sizemore. Another example of astroturfing it seems.


The farmers opposing the trail are very well respected members of Yamhill county. Farmers. You know, the roots of Yamhill county. So tired of people not showing respect to those who work this ground for a living over a damn trail to line the pockets of the wine industry.


It is not a suprise that as a ex commissioner tge trurh is not the truth. Yes, i voted no tge first time. I voted no due to sone wording language that i felt was necessary for my support. It was myself who requested that i meet with staff and let me make it perfectly clear at no time was i coirsed by staff to change my vote.


Part 2.

It was very evident from the first sentance of the publication when it stated ILL-CONCEIVED EFFORT TO RECALL. just one more hit piece to misquote the facts no doubting involving Commissiiner Berschauer and orhers. Bring back the trail and a Commission that works for yamhill county citizens abd stays out of state level politics!

todd sadlo

Native person, well respected, yes, but also misguided in the case of the trail. Some of them do not live or farm anywhere near the trail corridor and are not opposing the trail because they are neighbors and have a personal stake. So why are they opposed, solidarity? Because Ben Van Dyke wants to farm it? I get that. I guess you are correct that they do not as a group farm grapes (so they are your kind of preferred farmer). That doesn't mean that what Ben Van Dyke is doing isn't, at it core, anti-social and anti-community, stopping a transportation facility (a human-based one at that), between two important Yamhill County towns on land already owned by the county. No compromise whatsoever. Candidate for hire Lindsay Berschauer got the job done expeditiously, at far less expense than the team of lawyers he has had at his disposal.

But again, for everyone else: not because you are for or against the trail, but because what she has brought to the table is not governing but circus, I'm hoping county employees will THIS WEEK sign the petition for the recall election. I know department heads can't, due to the retribution they would face from a political bully and her second vote. But the rest of you? Do you want three more years of dreading Thursdays because it is time for the circus? Only a few days left to sign if you are capable of signing (protected somehow or not afraid of political retribution).

Tom Hammer

Todd, for heaven's sake are you trying to reinforce the bar complaint. You have the right to just fade away. Have some awareness.


Hey “Objective Tom”, maybe sit this one out since she appointed you to a committee. You are laughably predictable. We all know your half truths and total lies.


I support Lindsay Berschauer, stand strong Lindsay! Her supporters are not a minority, and many others agree with the stances that she takes.

todd sadlo

Mr Hammer, comments like that are why I think of you as Tom "Bag-o" Hammer(s). The guy who doesn't live or farm anywhere near the trail corridor, but has shown an all-consuming compulsion to stop it since 2017 or so? But, Mr Hammer, how could I miss a chance to hear from you? If I had a thousand dollars for every time you have spoken my name or maligned me in print, I could afford Lindsay Berschauer (like you). You're a "lie in the weeds" kind of guy when you are paying for lawyers, but you also like to go out on the porch once in a while and pop a few off into the media, like a small, undisciplined boy. Thanks for chiming in, you didn't let me down!

David S. Wall

For a little light reading and information on Berschauer's Committee finances;

***Note the [$2,587.50] expenditure for Mr. Eric C. Winters, for Attorney services.

David S. Wall


It seems interesting that Eric C Winters seems to have been involved with challenging the validity of signatures on a petition. Looks like Lindsay may be, beginning to worry some about her chances.