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Woman recovering from assault

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Bill B

Is anyone else concerned about the apparent lack of transparency on the part of Mac PD. It's been four days since the assault yet Mac PD Captain says " He said Thursday he has no information to release regarding whether or not it’s believed the general public is at risk."

I understand investigations mast be done with some confidentiality, but there is an obligation on the part of the police to at least notify citizens whether there is threat to us.

This is not the first time we have been kept in the dark about crimes in our city.


Don't you believe the public has a right to know if there's a maniac lurking around their city and perhaps a description of said maniac? Not acknowledging whether or not the public is at risk is a fairly casual, careless statement.
What's wrong with this picture? Who might be next?


You're right..MPD seems to be consistently 'tight-lipped'. I understand the need to keep some information from the public. That said, it seem like MPD is sees itself as the city's booster rather than a Police Dept. I would like to know about house burglaries, car break ins, assaults etc. Knowing where and when this is occurring might help citizens help the PD or at the very least, keep better tabs on there neighborhoods. These reports should be published in the paper as many communities do.

Bill B

Interesting that "Crime Reports" shows neither of these incidents.!/dashboard?lat=45.20139301126898&lng=-123.19240093231203&zoom=15&incident_types=Assault%252CAssault%2520with%2520Deadly%2520Weapon%252CBreaking%2520%2526%2520Entering%252CDisorder%252CDrugs%252CHomicide%252CKidnapping%252CLiquor%252COther%2520Sexual%2520Offense%252CProperty%2520Crime%252CProperty%2520Crime%2520Commercial%252CProperty%2520Crime%2520Residential%252CQuality%2520of%2520Life%252CRobbery%252CSexual%2520Assault%252CSexual%2520Offense%252CTheft%252CTheft%2520from%2520Vehicle%252CTheft%2520of%2520Vehicle&start_date=2018-05-11&end_date=2018-05-18&days=sunday%252Cmonday%252Ctuesday%252Cwednesday%252Cthursday%252Cfriday%252Csaturday&start_time=0&end_time=23&include_sex_offenders=false¤t_tab=list&shapeIds=&position_id=iash-xs5r-row-uq78_mqvz__3wcb&shape_id=false

Jeb Bladine

In recent years, MPD has become less forthcoming about the existence and details of crime reports. The department does issue press releases about selected cases, while details of other high-profile crime reports are not proactively disclosed.

The department uploads many thousands of incident reports to the website , but also withholds various crime reports from that system. Additional details of those uploaded crime reports can be obtained through public records requests using the published case numbers.

Oregon law gives law enforcement agencies the right – but not the obligation – to withhold a great deal of information about cases that are “under investigation.”

Perhaps MPD had good reasons to withhold reports of this violent attack, and to leave the public with unexplained implications that the attacker is not a danger to the community. Time will tell.


Bill B. This is typical for crimes of this nature when the perp has not been named, or caught. This is also why the Hospital has not acknowledged her being a patient. The protection of the victim is the reason.

Bill B

Fmtko, I'm glad you have it all figured out. Did you read that they have
not idenified the suspect?

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