By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Mac resident wants train horns silenced

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How about outlawing straight pipe exhaust systems on all cars? They sound like gunfire.

Bill B

Ditto Jean. Let's add blacked out car windows too!


You have waited 20 years at your East 7th St. location. This does come as one approaches early middle age.



I live 2 houses from the train tracks also. I was outside working in the garden just now and counted the number of times the horn sounded. 30 times. Part of the problem is the number of people who walk on the tracks and trestle and are listening to loud music and do not hear the train horn until it's very close. I've seen people running at the last minute to get off the trestle before being hit by the train. It's a complicated issue that needs a community solution. And don't tell me to Move. I ain't going no where.


Don't move just buy noise cancelling headphones. Problem solved.


Everyone is always super respectful and pleasant on here. However, I wouldn't put any personal info on this thread.

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