By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

Mac council looks at camping code changes

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While I don't necessarily agree with the camping situation, I do think the Turtle Dove Pods are a welcome view when stopped for the night. My issue is the garbage that is left with most camps after they are dispersed and the amount of stuff that is with the camps that is not in/on the pods. I feel that most people would have less of a situation with camps if the trash wasn't there, if vehicles are not parked on private property and the general public could walk down the street or take their kids to the park without the verbal assault they hear or see.

This city used to have a few who would wander around down town and create an issue every now and then, but you didn't see them sitting surrounded by trash or going to the bathroom on the side of a building. Now, you can't miss the guy peeing in the ally by US Bank, or the lady vomiting on peoples shoes by Third Street Books or doing who knows what on the corner by Dairy Queen.

Yes we need to have a better plan to help people who want to be helped but we need a plan for those who don't, or won't take it. Putting them up at the Motel 6 at the end of town until their social security runs out isn't good enough.


Stop enabling them. Enforce what laws you have now.

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