By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Lucetta Elmer goes to work in Salem

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David S. Wall

Standing around the office with her hands in her pockets just 'shooting the breeze'...She already has mastered the job.

I can't wait to read and give Testimony concerning legislative Measures she will create.

David S. Wall

M. Isaac

I know that Lucetta will do an excellent job. She's smart and listens.


M. Isaac. Completely agree! Lucetta is wise, passionate, congenial and collaborative. She'll do a great job!

Easy Writer

Isn't she an election denier and supporter of January 6th? Asking for a friend.

Easy Writer

Her application for endorsement by the Independent Party of Oregon stated she believes the 2020 Presidential election wasn't legitimate and that the insurrections at both the U.S. and Oregon State Capitol were protected political speech. So proud to be represented by the Honorable Elmer. Not!


Thank you for your service Lucetta. We are fortunate to have someone of your caliber representing this district.


Rep. Elmer has what it takes to work across party lines and get stuff done! Very proud of our District 24 Rep! Go Lucetta

Joel R

I'm glad I voted for her. She's gonna do a great job!


Amazing criticism of a Representative for allegedly "shooting the breeze" because she graciously posed for a photograph.


It is just sour grapes JWC. Wall keeps running for government positions, not willing to be interviewed/quoted and losing.

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