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LUBA upholds expansion denial

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Interesting that Starrett has no problem with a dump next to farmland but people riding bikes past a farm is a problem.

David S. Wall

It is of interest to note how Commissioner Starrett thinks and votes.

"“We’re not here to say, should the landfill have been sited here today; I don’t think anyone would say yes,” Mary Starrett, the commissioner who cast the lone vote in favor of approving the application, said at the time. “Have there been impacts? I don’t think anyone would disagree. But what we’re here today to consider is the expansion.”

She argued there was sufficient evidence to support the expansion, but commissioners Rick Olson and Casey Kulla disagreed, citing impact to farmers and environmental threats from a subduction zone earthquake."

***Commissioner Starrett "voted" for a Marijuana Processing facility on Jaquith Road in Newberg.

When the Residents of Chehalem Mountain cried foul (worried, for very good reasons their wells will run dry) it was Mary Starrett to the rescue via Representative Bill Post.

The "Text of [HB 3239]" can be seen here:

Starrett's [HB 3239] Testimony can be seen here:

My testimony [HB 3239]:

**Commissioner Starrett's conditional Board Order to permit a "private-gate" across a public road in her neighborhood has yet to be repealed. Why was it ever approved?

A sitting Commissioner's husband applies for a permit and viola the "private-gate permit" across a public road is granted.

[Primozich and Olson] voted in favor after "Starrett left the Board Chambers" for the vote to authorize the private-gate.

David S. Wall

Mac Grizzly

Saw this quote today that I think fits the sentiments expressed about Starrett and Berschauer. "It's always bad when politicians, faced with a serious moral dilemma, put self-interest ahead of public service. It's even worse when they know better and do it anyway."

Bill B

@madmacs next to farmland is bad but next to our waterways is worse!

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