By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

‘Stealth’ tower OK’d on Westside Road

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Is there any information about how soon construction will begin, and approximately how long it will take to get the tower up and running?

County native

a 25 foot tower? That's not much of a tower. Why not a higher one to actually improve coverage? Seems silly to put up such a short tower. That's about the height of a power pole.


I am hoping that it will be 25 feet of advanced technology that will deliver some decent reception to the "twilight zone" out here in the boonies. FRUSTRATING!!


Why not put a tower @ Grandhaven Elementary ?..District 40 gets a lease payment, phone users get better coverage. Seems like it would cover the same general area. Or is that against a policy?


Why? It's the same reason there are no nuclear waste storage facilities next to schools.


Cell towers equal nuclear waste ?..,. You lost me there. They are generally low maintenance.

Bill B

Tagup-Its all about EMF, don't you know? :-)

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