By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

‘Beauty destroyed’: Vandals wreak havoc at Lafayette Masonic Cemetery

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Unfortunately a lot of morons actually believe that the cemetery has ghosts.....the urge to vandalize pioneer head stones is beyond me...
Would like to have a contact number for Mr Edwards if available....


I grew up in Lafayette and have always been fascinated with the two cemeteries and history. My brothers, friends, and I would visit these as kids and teens, 1960’s onward, and it NEVER crossed our mind to be destructive. There’s been incidences in the past, but nothing like this. The cowardly desecrators should be harshly punished. My brothers and friends would have beat them, and then some!


The desecration of graves -especially historical cemeteries- is a despicable crime that has no justification even in this topsy-turvy clime that we currently find ourselves in. Our District Attorney needs to prosecute these offenders without offering them any quarter and our law enforcement agencies need to find these culprits before they strike again. 😳


Hibb- these type of activities have been going on for years....I would love to bring the culprits to justice, but realistically the Sheriffs office doesn’t have the resources to patrol the cemetery in the middle of the will never be a priority.


NR has my permission to forward my phone number to Mr Edwards. It would be my honor to help correct this disgrace.


I hope that Karma catches up to the idiots that did this, thinking they were having fun. But then we do seem to be living in a world where for some reason it seems ok to destroy things.

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