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Local farmer Barbara Boyer files to run for commissioner

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fir tree

Now this is a candidate I can definitely support. Truly a reasonable conservative who has a track record of providing excellent leadership to the SWCD Board. Not in it for her own personal agenda, and not a demagogue like Starrett and Berschauer. She's been engaged in many excellent causes throughout the county for nearly 20 years. Lastly, she's honest.

David S. Wall

So far, the slate for Yamhill County Commissioner is currently a battle of the "-ites."

Currently, the voter's choice is between a "Starrett-ite v. a Kulla-ite."

Commissioner Olson is formulating his response-join the fray or sit on the sidelines while the "Starrett-ite and the Kulla-ite" engage in an epic, "Hair-pullin', eye-gougin' Smack Down."

In the Starrett-ite corner;

Yamhill First with a flashy [$5000.00] contribution for the Starrett-ite to deliver the "goods."

(Yamhill First also is betting on Candidate Primozich with a [$2000.00] "How do you do.")

Not to left in the wilderness, Greg T. and Celine M. McCarthy of Gaston-owners of: Ground Zero Seeds, also are betting on the Starrett-ite to take first place with two (2) juicy [$2500.00] donations apiece for yes, a grand sum of [$5000.00].

Westview Farms Inc., out of Yamhill likes the "Starrett-ite" with a [$500.00] contribution.

Tom Hammer, a farmer was able to scrape up [$1000.00] donation for his Starrett-ite to finish with a "Blue-ribbon."

***Almost forgot, Commissioner Starrett husband's business,
"R.A.F. Enterprises LLC" was the "first" significant donor with a [$500.00] contribution. (Which followed shorrtly after Commisssioner Starrett "stacked-the-deck" on the Budget Committee with the Starrett-ite.)

Will Starrett's voting legacy of "Non-profit and Public Benefit enrichment programs (at taxpayer expense)" continue with an elected Starrett-ite? Please, say it won't be so.

Remember-both Commissioner Starrett and the Starrett-ite are Board Members of YCAP.

In the Boyer far...nada.

Moral of the story to date...."It definitely pays to be a Starrett-ite."

Jeb-"Lindsey" is misspelled.

David S. Wall

Christmas has Talons

David S. Wall

You seem to be a very bored fellow. Dang, after four 12 hour days I certainly don't have the time to commiserate as much as you do. I would honestly suggest maybe a hobby unless rambling on outdated media platforms is all you got?

And Fir tree I'd love to hear about her conservative bona fides?


That one is a far left liberal. From the area which is a +++ in my book but I wouldn’t support a second Kulla. We need a centrist no more socialists :(Stop turning Yamhill into little Multnomah :-(

Christmas has Talons

Greg, I get ya I really do but in this county the far left has a
small but cultivated group of activists who have the time and the money to run. Middle of the road folks work and so do the right of center so it's difficult for them to find the time to run. I miss the JFK democrats who cared about this country. I always love the "farmer" label when the left uses it because it could mean having a few rose bushes or growing marijuana but the thing you can be sure of is it never means real farming.

David S. Wall

Hey "Talons"...normally I don't have cause to get into discussions with a person, like you, who hides behind a moniker; but in this particular instance, I will make an exception.

You state, " I would honestly suggest maybe a hobby unless rambling on outdated media platforms is all you got?"

Then you author an opinion piece in response to issues raised by Mr. GregTompkins. And then you "post it" and re-post it, again and again. Four times in total. Man, that has to be a "rambling record."

Dang me, those four twelve hour days you speak about have made you quite the "rambler" indeed.

Your statement"... I would honestly suggest maybe a hobby unless rambling on outdated media platforms..."

I yield to you. Yes sir, you sure have me beat all to Hell on all "rambling" fronts.

David S. Wall

Christmas has Talons


I only posted it once I guess my post was just cool enough to have been added four times. I'm cool like that.....


Christmas , I bet she would sell her farm out to developers and change the law to suit her own needs like the guy in Dayton did. These types bleat out how wonderful land use and SB100 is but would sell out immediately to turn a farm into a subdivision ....

Christmas has Talons

Probably a pretty accurate assessment. I don't think the voters will be fooled again by the self proclaimed "farmer" label after Kulla. Just the idea that a drugs that cause and exacerbate psychosis and add to our staggering addiction rates can even be considered "farming" is ludicrous. Were I Kulla I would hang my head in shame knowing how many families are being hurt by his "farming".


A solid, experienced, and capable candidate.
Common sense and intelligence seem to prevail.

A New Generation

One of the early founders of the McMinnville Farmers Market. Farming, yes, farming 600 acres on a Century Farm near Amity in hay. For five generations.
Not likely to sell to to a developer,lol.
Get a grip and do your homework folks, and save the personal jabs. Try to stay on topic.


I must be pretty naive. I drive by those big farms and always just assume people with conservative values live there. Who'd a thought we have all these liberal "farmers" in Yamhill County!


If I remember right even the fella that pushed through the now infamous bag ban touted himself as a "farmer". and of course we have our good 'ol Commissioner Kulla who says he's a "farmer". Weird.
The once proudly conservative Yamhill County ultimately transformed into a liberal a bunch of "farmers". Very weird.


@ Joel you’re right. I foresee what happens with the bag ban is the grocers just use thick plastic bags like they are in California. And more people will go to amazon and we will start generating more cardboard boxes and plastic tape , foam and packing slips. And millenials are so lazy anyway — all those take out containers and plastic forks from Uber eats. What will we do about all of that?

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