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Linfield numbers up, but budget issues remain

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Not really all that surprised to hear that parents are getting fed up with paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their kids to these liberal indoctrination camps.
First they kicked out God, then they banned conservative ideas. Now they wring their collective hands and wonder why the hell nobody wants to enroll?


Pretty sure it’s a question of cost and deciding if the employment options for a degree is worth the price tag.....not sure what god and conservative ideas have to do with it.....but it makes a good talking point....

Don Dix

Joel -- Affiliation with American Baptist Churches would challenge the assertion 'they (Linfield) kicked out God'. But you are correct, some universities and colleges are very 'left leaning'.

Linfield College

Linfield's original name was the Baptist College at McMinnville, and to this day the college includes trustees representing the American Baptist Churches of the Central Pacific Coast and McMinnville's First Baptist Church. Those trustees, who collectively own and run the college, would probably disagree with the notion that anyone kicked out God. The college also tries very hard to remain neutral on political issues, and to support freedom of speech across the partisan spectrum. Linfield is not perfect, but it does a lot of things right -- and its students graduate and go into the world and do very well for themselves and their communities. We are proud to have been a part of McMinnville since 1858. Our roots here run deep.


I would try a lot harder to remain neutral on political issues... jmo

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