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Lifeflight called for auto-bicycle crash in McMinnville

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What was the mother of 2 children doing on Hwy 99? That was really poor judgement.




@reburcham and know what assuming can make you look like? It's people like you...wait for the facts before you jump to conclusions. Where in the article does it say the mother and her children were on the highway???????


Amen spicy_t


Seriously Spicey_t and Kat758....??? Did you even READ THE HEADLINE?? GEEEEZUS


Seriously Spicey_t and Kat758....??? Did you even READ THE ARTICLE?? GEEEEZUS

Christmas has Talons

Praying for the young mother and her chidren. I suppose she will feel guilty all on her own she certainly doesn't need me to pass judgement on her. Poor girl everyone's gotta be a Karen...


I hope those involved are doing okay. There is a bike lane that is on the road, not the sidewalk. Growing up in McMinnville there are signs all over that say bikes are not allowed on the sidewalk so where is someone who wants to take their children for a ride from spot to the other supposed to do it? In the parking lot where no one stops for the suggested stop points? The article does not say they were in the highway, it says they collided in front of a business and the headline does not say anything other than Lifeflight being called. Last I understood bikes had to follow the same rules as drivers because they are considered a vehicle, same reason so many bicyclists were ticketed during the Hood to Coast in Amity a few years ago, they ran stop signs.

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