Letters to the Editor: Oct. 15, 2022


Thank you for running the story in the Oct. 4 News-Register, “District 6 debate gets personal.”

I was unsure as to who I was going to back for this position. I back the individual, not always the party.

After seeing the underhanded way Andrea Salinas attempted to slander her opponent’s creditability by citing old charges that were legally dropped, that decision has been made for me. Candidates who cannot run on their own merits, rather than start a mudslinging campaign, don’t deserve to represent 6th Congressional District.

I, too, come from a law enforcement family. And we know that you are innocent unless proven guilty.

How juvenile of Salinas to say she never “said” anything about cocaine in her ad, but used a picture of lines of white powder with a credit card in the background. How stupid does she think we are?

Lindsay Berschauer used the same type of mudslinging campaign against Barbara Boyer in their 2020 race for county commissioner, and look what that got us!

I’m backing Mike Erickson, who has run a clean campaign and has the integrity to have made a mistake and taken the legal steps to rectify it.

Dawn Witt



Penalize the lawless

If the goal of Measure 114 is to stop gun violence, it won’t.

Why? Because criminals don’t care about laws. They continue to prey on those who cannot fight back.

Measure 114 will affect minorities and lower-income Oregonians the most by greatly increasing the cost of purchasing a firearm for self-defense.

The most vulnerable among us will also be adversely impacted, including the elderly, disabled and holders of restraining orders against abusive partners.

With no time limit on permit approval, and not enough facilities for approved training, law-abiding citizens will face an undue burden to exercise their Second Amendment rights. But the criminal element will be utterly unaffected.

Let’s penalize the lawless, not the law-abiding. Vote no on Measure 114.

David Klaus



Balance to the board

I attended two separate candidate forums last week, and have come away with several conclusions.

The best candidate for Yamhill County commissioner is Beth Wytoski. She has a proven track record of leadership, fundraising and networking with local and regional partners.

She has been involved for years with community events, served with YCAP and shown she can mediate with a wide variety of people, groups and organizations. Plus, she is a teacher — an admirable profession in these difficult times.

Beth knows the local landscape from a perspective of a parent, an elected official, a community service volunteer and a caring citizen. She has a plan to bring balance to the board of commissioners, and I believe will listen to all sides before reaching any conclusions.

There is no agenda here except what is best for Yamhill County.

Vote for Beth Wytoski on Nov. 8. She will serve all us well.

Thank you for voting!

Amy Karshner



Essential collaborator

Zack Geary has effectively, efficiently and steadily contributed energy, action and passion in his role as a McMinnville City Councilor, and through his long-time volunteer civic contributions.

Zack is curious, invites exploration of topics, and finds perspective on opportunities and challenges. He has a bias for action, learns from others, and gains logical information to enhance his insightful decisions.

Zack examines biases and quickly moves toward solutions. One of Zack’s admired strengths is as an essential collaborator.

Re-elect Zack for Mac so he can continue the great work he is doing!

Michael Hampton



Don’t waste your vote

Some food for thought as we prepare to choose our next governor:

In a television ad, Betsy Johnson claimed, “I am the only one” able to solve the challenges we face. A few years ago, someone else made a similar pronouncement: Donald Trump.

Betsy Johnson recently lost her sugar daddy, Phil Knight, who switched his support to Christine Drazen.

And polls show Johnson has no path to victory. Unaffiliated candidates do not win general elections.

Johnson should set her ego aside, withdraw from the race and throw her support behind Tina Kotek. Otherwise, Oregon, the best state for women’s reproductive freedom, risks having forced-birth proponent Drazen as chief executive.

A vote for Betsy Johnson is a vote for Christine Drazen and against reproductive freedom.

Don’t waste your vote. Choose Tina Kotek.

Alisa Owen



Quiet competence

I am writing today to endorse Beth Wytoski for Yamhill County commissioner.

For many years, Beth has practiced the level of quiet competence we should all strive for in our local elected officials. Her list of accomplishments as mayor of Dayton is extensive.

From streets to roads, bridges to parks and grants to water rights, Beth has been hard at work for the public good. No doubt she would continue to be a tireless advocate for all of us, and for the good of all of us, in the role of county commissioner.

Beth clearly has a mastery of doing the work and would hit the ground running. Please join me in voting Beth Wytoski for Yamhill County commissioner.

Zack Geary



No one cares

I read your article of Oct. 4 about the Erickson-Salinas debate and how it got nasty.

Salinas seems to have nothing to run on but why you shouldn’t vote for Erickson. We all saw the ads: “He paid for an abortion,” “He obtained oxycodone illegally.” Her response was that it “set the record straight.”

With $5 a gallon gas, high grocery prices, housing on the verge of collapse and everyone’s 401(k) tanking, does she think anyone cares about what may or may not have happened years ago? The answer is no.

John Eshleman



Thoughtful and thorough

Councilor Zack Geary has the knowledge and experience to do the work of a McMinnville city councilor.

In the years ahead, we need to stay committed to thoughtful community dialogue and careful, well-informed decisionmaking.

Councilor Geary is dedicated to our McMinnville community. He is always prepared, thoughtful and thorough.

Zack Geary asks challenging questions of staff and advisory committees, holds himself and others accountable and repeatedly goes the extra mile for the needs of the city. Please join me in supporting his re-election.

Mayor Remy Drabkin



A Democrat at heart

Judy, Judy, Judy.

While I enjoy Betsy Johnson and her style, I believe she is still a Democrat at heart. I believe she is a Trojan horse, a ruse of the Democratic partly to siphon votes from the only true conservative candidate, Christine Drazan.

The party of the weird knows Tina Kotek is not a palatable candidate. So it needs to draw votes from the Republican candidate to have chance.

With about a month left to go, Drazan is ahead of Kotek and Johnson has no chance of closing the gap between her and the frontrunners.

I implore people of conservative values who are thinking of voting for Johnson to think again. Let’s send a message to the super majority Oregon House and Senate and vote for Drazan.

This is the first time since Oregon passed the motor voter act that a conservative might have a chance at the governor’s office.

The state of Oregon and the whole country is at stake in this election. If the party of the weird keeps control, who knows how bad the economy will get.

Tim Horrell



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