Letters to the Editor: November 24, 2017

It only helps the rich

As if the Republican tax giveaway to all things rich and corporate weren’t enough, they are now conniving to sneak in a repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate.

Republicans just hate the individual mandate, unless the individuals being mandated happen to be hospitals and health-care workers who have to provide care even if the patients can’t pay. They love that mandate. You see, Republicans have a problem: According to Senate rules, they can only borrow a trivial $1.5 trillion to hand out to the wealthy. That’s not enough, obviously. How will they get by? So if Congress eliminates the individual mandate to buy insurance, fewer people will be insured, and the government pays less in subsidies to help them.

Hospitals get paid less, but still are legally bound to provide care. Then they pass on the cost to those who do buy insurance. We pay higher premiums, corporations get even bigger tax cuts. What’s not to love? Having failed to enact a hopelessly dysfunctional health-care plan, the Republicans seem committed to dismantling our current system, piece by piece, if necessary. We will see what happens, but I have a feeling that at least the poor, suffering caviar crowd will be smiling in the end.

Scott Gibson



Who could it be now?

They are dropping like flies (as well they should) as reports of their disgusting sexually abusive behavior hit the media. They are resigning, put on leave and dismissed for their inexcusable treatment of the women around them.

We call them unfit for the positions they hold, and we applaud. We can’t wait to get rid of them. Yet one of them stands tall. Millions have watched and listened to him detailing and bragging about pulling off these very same exploits.

It makes one wonder what’s wrong with this picture — but apparently not enough. What is wrong with us?

Erma S. Vasquez




Right there with you, Erma! Heads are rolling, but the one head that needs to roll will be and always be consequence free. :/


What's wrong Erma? Seems many women in this country need to grow a pair, or maybe I should say(in this particular case) find their spinal column. Matt Lauer the latest to go yet the "grabber-in-chief" continues to get a free pass. All 16 accusers of the "Teflon Don" have been labeled liars and none seem to want to pursue the matter. Let's pummel(rightfully so) 93-year-old-soon-to-leave-the-planet George HW while many ladies seem to be giving the man of whom Erma speaks a "get out of jail free" card.
So, women of America, where is the outrage?


Erma - It seems republicans would rather vote for a sexual predator, pedophile, groper and rapist than any democrat. Their talk of restoring "morals" to this country is just hypocritical bs. They'll vote for Roy Moore and then complain about a lack of morality and loss of Christian principles in the country. It would be laughable if it wasn't so truly sad.


Mudstump - Stupid comment and so untrue.


Dead-on observation in my book. Moral standards apprently reserved for Sunday mornings, unless that proves inconvenient.


Finch - Talk of "family values" rings hollow these days when the Christian right overwhelmingly voted for Trump....an admitted molester and predator. Who in their right mind would vote for a man that bragged about using his position of power to ogle half-naked young girls in their private dressing room? The same man who expressed his sense of entitlement and pride when boasting about grabbing a woman's genitalia because he could get away with it. What Christian person could ever believe that a vote for Trump would do anything to restore an ounce of morality or decency in this country? Answer: Hypocrites that's who... The religious right has lost all credibility and will be called out for their double standard now and in the future.


Dear Scott Gibson, Sounds to me like you would feel better and be a much happier man if you lived in a socialist country where the government could just take care of you and yours from cradle to grave. If a move to Europe isn't feasible, Multnomah or Lane County would probably suffice.


Well now! Senator Al Franken is history as of tomorrow yet the "groper-in-chief" remains unscathed.

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