Letters to the Editor: May 24, 2024

Fix the streets

I read the recent editorial regarding the stormwater funding proposals and found it very informative. I did not realize that action by the state of Oregon could be further in the future than what I saw presented by the city of McMinnville.

With regard to spending priorities, I continue to be appalled by the condition of the streets around the Atticus Hotel, at Northeast Fourth and Ford. These were damaged as part of the hotel construction, along with concurrent underground work, and were never fully repaired.

Our streets are in need of repair all around McMinnville. The history of this particular area seems especially egregious because no one took responsibility for fixing these streets appropriately after construction.

Chuck Hottle


Danger from abroad

I have been a farmer in Yamhill County for 64 years.

It is a crime that this administration allows the Chinese and other foreign nationals to buy up U.S. farmland and land next to military facilities. We are losing our country little by little because the Biden administration doesn’t move to protect our homeland.

Harold Kuehne




So before Biden the Chinese could not buy up our farmland?


The USDA estimates that Chinese ownership of agricultural land in the US amounts to 3 hundredths of 1%. Canada is by far the largest foreign land owner of US ag land.


But it’s okay Europe buys our land?

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