Letters to the editor: March 3, 2023

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Don Dix

Mark Bierly -- the city has -- added a new charge to your W & L bill, presumably to fill a $2M gap in the budget -- keep authority to reinstate the fire and med tax after a year of suspension (covertly, as you point out)-- raising the SDC for new construction. These tactics allow for much more freedom to randomly beef up citizen financial burden to finance 'other projects'.

But wait -- there is also word on the street that soon the city will also submit a 'sewer assessment charge' to be added to your W & L bill. Some say it's a done deal, only a matter of time (May - June).

The conscience of city government is virtually non-existent when it comes to spending other people's money -- and it will continue until the residents require actual accountability from their representatives.

Don Dix

Clarke Ellingson -- why would you go and write a response based on real world knowledge and common sense? Such truths don't conform to the agenda, and frankly make the tree-hugger's rants look foolish -- stop it!


While I'm not sure about the starving of the donkeys that was mentioned in the donkey basketball game, I do agree that this seems to be an outdated display of a "sport" and/or fundraiser. Come on. It's a bit weird that this still goes on...


Donkey basketball is and continues to be flat-out animal abuse. What a despicable practice. What the hell is wrong with people? Maybe you could stage cockfights.

Joel R

cancel the donkeys? What the?
Cancel culture showing that it truly has no limits to what it will go after.


The so-called amusing sport would fit perfectly in "Deliverance."

Don Dix

Banning an Oscar award-winning song (Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah) fits right in with eliminating Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, buildings named after Lincoln, Washington, Paul Revere, etc. It's as if the 'new culture' figures if it isn't mentioned or thought about, it never happened ..... right?


Is your response the written equivalent of speaking in tongues?


"Cocaine Donkey" will be out streaming soon. He WILL have his vengeance.

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