Letters To The Editor: June 3, 2022

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Mr. Mason, the law-abiding gun owners in this nation had absolutely nothing to do with the death of those children in Texas, and you know it! Shame on you!! Find some different Kool-Aid to drink.

Quit using the first amendment to trash our second amendment!


“Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Castro, Pol Pot… All these monsters began by confiscating private arms, then literally soaking the earth with the blood of tens & tens of millions of their people. Ahh. The joys of gun control.” - Charlton Heston, 1997.

Add in Hugo Chavez in Venezuela more recently. This is why the founding fathers established the 2nd amendment; it is to allow the populous an ability to push back against a tyrannical government. What are the best guard rails to keep society safe? I don't know though I believe a higher age limit on assault rifles and possibly permitting on higher capacity magazines (e.g. like concealed carry) are certainly reasonable. However, the purpose is the same - to allow the common person to fight tyranny. If you talk to military consultants who've been to Ukraine recently the #1 weapon people are asking for are Ak-47s and AR-15s to fight the Russians.


Prior to the war, Ukraine required the following:
all guns had to be licensed & renewed every 3 years.
Concealed carry permit issued only for proven threat to life situation.
25 years old for rifle ownership 21 years old for smooth bore.
No criminal record
No domestic violence
No mental illness
Good reason to own...hunting, gun collection, etc
10 round max capacity for rifles
As of Feb 23, 2022 citizens are allowed to carry in public for self defense
As of Feb 24 the government of Ukraine will give weapons to anyone that wants to defend the country. Open training is offered by veterans throughout the country.
I suspect that is where all the AK’s & AR’s came from.
Seems like some reasonable regulationideas for gun ownership that would help reduce deaths in the US.


The case in Ukraine is atypical as tyrannical government is usually your own. However, it still sort of is in that Putin is trying to rebuild the old Russian Empire of which Ukraine was a part. I'm not a big gun guy (my brother is) but his idea was 25 for an AR-15 like weapon. It makes sense to me for two reasons. 1.) The male's brain isn't developed at 18, more like 25 and 2.) Since many of these recent shooters show signs of mental illness in childhood BUT fall through the cracks at 18 [data doesn't transfer over] the extra 7 years gives a chance for law enforcement to improve screening as they will likely have raised alarm bells as an adult.

Don Dix

Over 300M guns in American homes are not registered -- most were never required to be so. Those guns were sold, inherited, or traded, and after 20 years, virtually untraceable. These guns are rifles and pistols and are not the choice of those contemplating mass shootings.

Why would a law abiding citizen turn these guns over to any authority? One round from a hunting rifle would put down any anyone with bad intentions at long range (300-400 yards), unless superior body armor was worn. A shotgun would do the same at a lesser distance. That's the reason most law enforcement agencies employ snipers.

Airman is correct - 'the law-abiding gun owners in this nation had absolutely nothing to do with the death of those children in Texas'


Confiscation of all weapons isn’t a viable option and never will be, but there are some reasonable ideas to limit the firepower of semi- auto weapons. Magazine capacity is a good start. Universal background checks is another. I personally favor age, license & training requirements for gun ownership. Clearly there is a deadly problem in our country that needs serious people to address.


tax the heck out of ammunition for high powered rifles typically used in mass killings.


So again, punish the legal owners with high taxes while criminals are either steeling the weapons/ammo, or stealing the money to make the purchase at a gun store, via a background check. A criminal can scrimp and save to legally purchase a firearm, and if he turns right around and shoots up a school there’s nothing that can be done except react to the situation.

The first police on the scene should have breached that door and poured into that room until the threat was taken out. I know hind site is 20/20, but I would have rather died right there in that classroom trying to save the lives of those victims than live the rest of my life with that choice weighing me down. May God have mercy on our nation.


I agree that taxation of ammo would not really be a effective deterrent for reducing gun crimes, but reasonable requirements for gun ownership are also not a “punishment “ to gun owners. I think it’s likely ( and most polling shows) that responsible gun owners would be on board with some inconvenience if it would reduce the casualties the country is seeing.


"Jesus Guns Babies"
In reality, it's "Guns Guns Guns" and here's why:
Conservatives don't like a Dem majority telling them what to do. Doesn't really matter what issue. The almighty gun is the only way for them to possibly overthrow the govt and install a new one. The fear of POC, immigrants, the homeless, and non-Christians, keeps them buying more and more guns to help them feel "safe" in America...and worshipping an idol of death.