Letters to the editor: July 23, 2021

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Erin C.

The public right of way the Yamhelas-Westsider trail would sit on was purchased with grant monies which, because the county still owns the land, does not as of yet need to be repaid. Selling this land is a recipe for more debt. Additionally it would set a precedent that any individual who stood to benefit from county property could just hire a lawyer to stall development, fund a corrupt politician to cave to opposition, and then scoop the property up for a basement price. This is exactly what's happening here. The trail land belongs to all the people of Yamhill, and exists for the benefit of their children, families, and small businesses.

Don Dix

Joanne Williamson raises some interesting questions, and it appears her comments are neither unfounded or inaccurate. She's admittedly on the right, and wants answers from the left. So .....

Tom Hammer

Fred Fawcett is right to want to revitalize shuttered resource based communities. The problem is, many of us retired types want to be near our kids and grandkids so moving away is unattractive. What if those shuttered communities were allowed to return to their economic past?