Letters to the Editor: July 22, 2016

Turkey Rama for the birds

When will the appropriate people finally admit that Turkey Rama no longer represents this community? It’s time to move on and bury the turkey.

I don’t know where the comments regarding this year’s celebration came from, as reported in the News-Register, but as I walked Third Street, I heard more than one person say “things have changed,” “it’s not like it used to be” or “what is this about?”

There is a noticeable level of energy and excitement when the community comes together for the UFO Festival and Drag the Gut, which is now missing during Turkey Rama.

Thoughts for continuing a July event: Hang onto what works from the past (turkey barbecue), embrace and promote what we have (shops, food, wine) and be open to change for what the future may bring.

Rename the celebration if it continues by having a contest, with prizes of course.

Linda O’Hara



Landfill foes untruthful

England’s House of Commons has a rule: A member may not call another member a liar.

During a speech, Winston Churchill said that a member lied, which brought down on Churchill a chorus of hoots and hollers. The great orator responded: “Let’s say the member uttered a ‘terminological inexactitude.’”

The first rule of advocacy is to tell the truth. Some opponents of the expansion of the Riverbend landfill say that the expansion is on the banks of the South Yamhill River when, in fact, the closest edge of the expansion is more than a third of a mile away from the river.

The opponents’ terminological inexactitude on this point leads us to question the veracity of all of their utterances about the danger of expanding the landfill. Moreover, the closest edge of the landfill has been engineered to withstand an enormous earthquake, measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale. It’s time for the opponents of the landfill expansion to stand down. They lost the fight for two reasons. First, they have their “facts” wrong and, second, Waste Management listened early on to their concerns and shrank the size of the expansion by 63 percent — from 100 to 37 acres.

Robert E. Mason



A lesson in heroism

I was recently visiting my daughter and her family in Vancouver, Washington. While sitting on the front porch with my daughter and her 4-year-old son, a police car drove by. Just then my grandson said, “There goes a hero.”

My daughter then informed me she sat down with her 4- and 6-year-old sons and explained to them what soldiers are. She simply told them there are bad people far away that want to be mean to us. Soldiers go far away and protect us from these bad people.

They are our heroes. She taught them that here at home our heroes are the police officers, firefighters, ambulance people and school teachers. She taught them these are the good people who will always protect you and care for you. They are our heroes.

With only a couple of exceptions, I can’t think of a more beautiful lesson to instill in our children. They do understand.

Ron Simmons



Trail steals land

This is concerning the upcoming spending of county money in supporting the westside trail. which will probably become a homeless camp.

The trail is supposed to be 20 feet wide. Does this county have a lock on the world’s largest walkers? The westside trail group is trying to take part of the land that I own and pay taxes on after it was abandoned by the railroad more than 20 years ago.

If they break up my farm, am I then able to build condos on the rest of it? Where is the justice in this? Westside Trail is still trying to get the money together to buy the old railroad property. The Supreme Court has already disallowed taking of private property after the railroad abandoned it. There goes some more county money fighting law suits.

Roy Bowerman



Clinton proves dangerous

Erma Vasquez brought up some good points in her July 15 letter.

Let’s take a different view, a view from someone from the old school. This November, we will elect a different president, hopefully one who has the foresight to surround himself with knowledgeable people and will take their advice, one who is honest and has the integrity to maintain a moral standing as a representative of our America.

Donald Trump is almost an unknown factor in the race. Hillary Clinton is a known factor. We all know the meaning of honesty.We all have been made aware through the FBI investigation that Mrs. Clinton does not have this character item in her portfolio. She has become like the crime boss in New York, “the teflon Don.”

The law was unable to make violations stick. Do we now have a teflon Hillary?

As for qualifications to do the job, as secretary of state, she had classified documents on her personal email. Is that a bright thing to do? Again, she messed up. Benghazi pleaded for help. Knowing the embassy there was going to be attacked, we lost four men to a sadistic bunch. Hillary refused to send relief to them.

Our freedoms are being taken from us at an alarming rate. This is not the America I grew up in, where love of God, family and country were the acceptable way of life. If we do not return to those standards, we will be lost as a nation.

This election is not about personalities. It should be about where their heartfelt ideals lead this country and trying to regain our status on the world stage.

Beverly King



She’s a bad hire, too

Erma Vasquez states in her July 15 letter that one of the presidential candidates has no talent or experience. For the last two elections, we have elected an individual who fits that description.

Your company needs a new CEO. One of the applicants had previously worked for the company. In the vetting process, you find she had set up an email server outside of the secure company server.

You believe she has downloaded restricted company information on this server that can be hacked by your competitors. She denies this has occurred. An outside investigator is hired to look into the matter. He finds that she has used her private sever to download private information and has then lied about.

Would you then hire her to lead the company? I don’t think so. So consider the difference between the two candidates and make a wise decision.

Don Bowie



Hire the Donald instead

The letter from Erma Vasquez July 15 was very true, but didn’t completely explain my problem in hiring a housekeeper.

I had originally sent the request to two employment agencies. One of the agencies came back with 17 applicants, and some of them at first glance seemed to be very good applicants. But as we reviewed them, Donald Trump ended up coming out as the best applicant.

The other agency could only find two applicants. One was older than me, wanted $20 minimum wage and wanted me to pay for his grandkids’ college education. The other applicant was the runner-up to my current housekeeper, who I am canning for poor performance, cost overruns when he shops and general lack of interest in his job.

Based on her background, I am afraid she would use my business computer for her personal use. Also, I still have two teenage daughters at home, and the housekeeping position provides a small house on the property for her and her spouse. Just didn’t seem like a good fit.

So now, while Donald may not be ideal, I’m more interested in training a new one rather than trying to break an old one of her bad habits.

In writing these letters, you and I have taken what many have guessed to be true, but now, we have removed all doubt.

Gary Hampton



Trump’s cunning plan

Hillary Clinton supporters complain that Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s convention speech, but only an imbecile would try to get away with plagiarizing Obama’s 2008 speech. So what gives?

Trump brilliantly trolled Clinton and the mainstream media into their split-screen presentation of the two women speaking very similar words. The stark contrast thus afforded between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama is the more stunning because the substance of the speech, the words, centered on high moral character.

Dan Katz



m or s

In regard to Robert Mason's letter about the dump.
1. Has Mr. Mason seen the pictures in the News Register when the Yamhill River floods, which happens quite often? The Yamhill River laps the dump on several sides. Stop the Dump Coalition website has pictures that prove the point well. Difficult to view the pictures and then defend the dump as being 1/3 mile away from the River.
2. Mr Mason says that the closest (closest to what) edge of the landfill has been engineered to withstand a 9.0 earthquake. What about the rest of the dump? This dump has many edges that will not withstand a major earthquake.
3. To say that dump opponents have lost, have their facts wrong and now need to stand down is far from truthfulness.

If truth or lies determine whether or not the dump expands, read Waste Management's and the County's latest LUBA (Land Use Board of Appeals) briefs; dump opponents win by a landslide.


So I'm reading all these letters above which try so desperately hard to sound reasonable, and it's obvious that Clinton's opponents have nothing. A mismanaged e-mail account without any consequences, the usual flat-out lies about Benghazi which even the Republicans in Congress were finally forced to publicly lay to rest after wasting millions in tax money, and general blather about trustworthiness.

And that is supposed to make Trump the wise choice? There are a lot of candidates, Democrat and Republican, that I'd prefer to Clinton, but Trump would not be a wise choice if he were running against a tuna sandwich. When Hitler promised to make Germany great again, at least he didn't invent the crisis he was exploiting. The Depression was actually a thing. The weak, miserable, pitiful America filled with scared and angry whiners and losers which Trump paints in his speeches doesn't even exist except in the imagination of Trump's followers. Then he portrays himself as the savior and promises simplistic solutions, none of which he would be capable to deliver, and if he tried, conflict, hatred, and more insecurity would be the result.

The moral failings of Clinton, while real, are comparatively trivial. The dangers of Trump are incalculable. If you put this country and not your self-righteousness first, the wise choice is clear.


To Roy Bowerman,
Question, Did Union Pacific actually sell you a lone section of track bed along the corridor of the rail bed, adjacent to your property?
As far as I understand it, and everything I've read, (and I'm following the project closely)Union Pacific owns 100 percent of the old rail bed. So, your saying that U.P. sold you a section of it and now U.P. is selling that same section that you currently own to the Westsider trail?
Or, is it the case that you assumed once the tracks were gone that you could just take that land and use it for yourself?
I guess I'm a little confused by the headline of your letter.
Another question, how is the trail gong to "break up your farm"? The rail bed has been there for the better part of a century, yet hasn't broke up any farms that I'm aware of.
Obviously you're passionately against the trail no matter what but, I'm think I'm rightfully suspicious of your "Trail steals land" accusations.


I watched a news conference today in which Donald Trump said, "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing."

This man is unhinged. He's dangerous. He is encouraging Russia to hack America for his own benefit....he's encouraging espionage. How could anyone support or trust a man who asked a foreign government to hack into a US political party? Who does that? Who puts himself ahead of the safety and welfare of the country to win? He's a sociopath who should never be let near the office of the presidency. Donald Trump is very irresponsible as we have thousands of our intelligence people working everyday to keep this country safe. They are monitoring from offices and some are out there in dangerous undercover situations. Trump insulted every one of them and the folks who have fought and died to keep us safe. When will Trump supporters finally tell him that he is over the line? It seems the man could kill puppies with his bare hands on live TV and his people would cheer him on.

Don Dix

Mudstump -- Hillary has always said those missing e-mails were personal. After Trump's sarcastic remark, Hillary's camp said this ...
“This has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent," senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan said. "That’s not hyperbole, those are just the facts. This has gone from being a matter of curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue.”

So, which is it? ... personal or national security? ... it certainly can't be both!


Of course it can be both,...encouraging a rival country to collect personal information against an individual that may become President definitely has national security implications. I take it that you're ok with Russia meddling in the elections of the US?....

Mr. Trump has now stated that his comments were "sarcastic"....Is sarcasm a positive trait that we look for in a president....

Don Dix

Rumpelstilzchen -- emails ... FBI public testimony says 'extremely careless (national security)', but no charges? Fix, anybody?

Bengazi ... hundreds of requests for added security not addressed by State ... help was only two hours away from the attack, but that help was never allowed to respond ... 4 Americans gave their lives while Washington ( Obama and Clinton ) blamed the attack on a U-Tube video, by demonstrators? (note: always be heavily armed while demonstrating, right?) ... and in Hillary's own words before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about what happened in Bengazi, “What difference at this point does it make?!” (arrogance personified).

There's your candidate's 'trivial' failings on the issues mentioned. Pretty lame attitude for a presidential hopeful, right?

Two things -- I haven't decided if Trump will get my vote -- there is no way in hell I would ever vote for that lying, arrogant pantsuit to occupy our White House again!


C,mon Don...The quote is as follows:
(Hilary Clinton to Senator Ron Johnson)
"With all due respect, the fact is, we had 4 dead Americans. Was it because of protest or because of guys out for a walk one night that decided to kill Americans, what difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.
(In response to Senator Johnson's question about why the narrative about the Muhammed video was never corrected.)

Arrogance personified?....not really....

Don Dix

tagup -- so you think her e-mails can be personal AND national security? Hillary testified they were personal -- don't you believe her?

And the Russians supposedly hacked the DNC, not Hillary. Now who has proof anyone, including Trump, encouraged the Russians to do anything? -- nobody. Just the DNC embarrassingly trying to walk it back!

In my opinion, sarcasm is quite acceptable when compared to the indifferent, self-centered political and financial ambition that is the Clinton track record! Many 'associates' have mysteriously died or are incarcerated for their actions while the Clinton's get rich and receive a DNC nomination! Nothing to see here, right!


Don, You don't think personal information can be used as leverage against a political figure while in office? Of course it can.

I don't think Trump had anything to do with hacking of the DNC, but inviting an adversary to do more doesn't seem to show sound judgement.

Don Dix

tagup -- Well gee, I guess Hillary is the one and only public figure that would be damaged by personal information if it got out. Funny! There isn't one elected official in the federal government that doesn't have some wayward baggage. Using that argument applies blanket coverage to all.

Sound judgment isn't how 4 Americans died for their country when help was delayed by Washington, but that's what happened. And using a private server against federal regulations also fits. History of events and actions define much better than speculation and accusations toward an opponent.

If one blindly asks no questions, or believes every explanation as gospel, or even votes party line every election, then the politicians who milk and deceive the public at every turn are free to do and say as they please without recourse. Enablers are just as guilty as their crooked heroes.


Clearly she is not the one and only (my guess is Mr. Trump has a few issues he would rather not disclose as well).
The point is, personal information can be used in a way to affect national security, be it Clinton or anyone else. Trump calling for an adversary to advance his campaign by illegal activity(even if given sarcastically)is self serving request that does not show much regard for the consequences. It certainly shows poor judgement.

I understand your distain for HC, and obviously she is not a first choice for most of us, (if other options were available).....but even with her downside, she is much better prepared to lead the country than her opponent (IMO).


I won't argue with anyone who says that there is much to investigate regarding Hillary Clinton. However, asking a foreign country like Russia to hack our government is outrageous. Its treasonous imo and it should disqualify Trump for the POTUS. A vote for Trump is a vote against the future of this country.


What I find remarkable is that anyone holding a job can write 30,000 personal emails and still do their job. Can't imagine 30,000 emails no matter who you are.


Trump never asked anyone to hack anything,he asked for russia or anyone else to find the deleted e-mails and give them to the FBI,those e-mails maybe deleted from the now shut down server that no one can hack but they are still out there in cyber land,I personally would like to see them found and see exactly what they contain,personal or not they were not to be deleted and she knew that.I say find them and let's see what's in them!I don't care who or what country locates them,just find them!


The old "slippery slope"......the end justifies the means.....


tagup - It just baffles the mind to see Trump supporters give him a pass on some very outrageous behavior while demanding that Hillary's feet be held to the fire. I have problems with both candidates, but at least I am willing to apply the same standard equally.

I wonder if Obama or Hillary had smeared a Gold Star family and the sacrifice their son made on behalf of this country...would they get a pass? What if Obama asked Russia to hack our government?...I think heads would explode.


Mudstump, It just baffles the mind to see Clinton supporters give him a pass on some very outrageous behavior while demanding that Trump's feet be held to the fire.

Mudstump, surely you realize it works/happens both ways with great frequency. I agree Trump is a terrible choice, but so is Hillary. They are doing what politician's do ... they say and do stupid things and depending on a voter's ideology some things get passes for their candidate. It says as much about the voters as it does their candidate.



Don Dix

Google 'Uranium One'. See how Russia gained ownership of 20% of US uranium reserves -- and who sanctioned and profited from the sale (follow the money!).

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