Letters to the Editor: December 30, 2022

Holiday heroes

We have an amazing community, and it was highlighted last week by a couple of heroes — Dave and Jami Queener, owners of Two Dogs Taphouse. Along with their manager, Brady Martin, they single-handedly brought cheer to many children and families this holiday season.

They reached out to Yamhill County CASA in November, offering to host a giving tree at the restaurant. Members of the Michelbook Country Club had agreed to sponsor 15 children from CASA families, leaving 50 depending on Two Dogs.

Each CASA volunteer generated a list of something needed or wanted, something to wear or read perhaps, for the children they serve. As the wish lists trickled in, I made batches of tags for the giving tree.

The first 20 tags were gone in two days. The next 15 disappeared over a weekend. The rest of the tags were gone in a single day.

Martin and the Two Dogs team collected, sorted and wrapped the gifts. They made sure every single wish was met — literally making a list & checking it twice.

My volunteers and I were humbled to tears when we came to pick up the gifts. The back room featured three 20-foot-long tables overflowing with gift bags and boxes.

What didn’t fit on the tables was neatly laid out along the walls. It was like walking into Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve, ensuring all 50 children had a beautiful bounty.

This act of generosity and community was amazing in itself, but the Two Dogs team and their patrons didn’t just give to CASA. The Queeners delivered a full load of toys and clothing to Henderson House and 300 blankets and stuffed animals to Juliette’s House.

Through this generosity, the most vulnerable children and families were each remembered, reminding them that their community cares about them, and they deserve joy and happiness along with everyone else.

Sarah Johnson


No end to fees

In response to Donna Lunt’s letter questioning McMinnville’s new water bill surcharge, I’d like to clarify one thing and share another.

First off, the “taxes” she speaks of are actually “fees.” Taxes may be voted on by the people, but fees are generally not.

These are pass-through fees given the go-ahead by the state.

They may be placed on any utility service the government wants to use as a vehicle, be it water, electric, phone or even gas. The utility must collect the fees and pass the proceeds on to the city for city use.

Newberg did this back in early 1990 to cover the cost of fire trucks. It didn’t go away until Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue came in with its own direct tax.

Then Newberg elected to enact a dispatch fee for purchase of new equipment. It subsequently added a public safety fee, essentially the same thing with a new name, and a transportation fee for roads.

It is now listing, but not yet charging, a new “connection fee.” And we are already paying $11.55 extra every month, on top of our water and sewer charge.
She asks: Will it ever come off? Don’t bet on it!

It will only go up. They will only add more fees to the total.

Roger Currier



Don Dix

Sarah Johnson -- Thankyou. Your submission was a story of just how special it is to help those in need, and a positive reflection of a caring community. Brady Martin and the Queeners just gave McMinnville a glimpse of what can be accomplished if the desire is present.

One other citizen needs to be recognized -- Brady's fiancee', Destanie Weeks. Juliett House needs were accomplished in one day, partly due to Destanie and Brady's determination and commitment -- one day!

McMinnville -- this is a great example of citizens actually doing something for those less fortunate -- let's make it even greater next time!


This was a successful fundraiser, no doubt, but Im having a tough time seeing Mr Martin as a hero, given some past actions that haven’t been accounted for.

Don Dix

Wow! Nothing like a cheap shot -- unless it's a cheap shot done anonymously! I'm sure Brady would like an in-person explanation --- you up for it?


Always strive to lift people up. Compassion and love! Congrats to 2dogs!

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